7 Beliefs that will change your life

Excerpt from 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life.

Beliefs cause wars and they can bring about peace. They will make us cry just as easily as they will incite us to laugh. In fact, our beliefs determine everything we can do and everything we cannot. The beliefs of our presidents, our prime ministers and leaders determine the state of our nations, their beliefs hold enormous power, as do ours. Yet little time, if any at all, is invested in determining our beliefs or changing them. The Power of Beliefs will give you the tools and the insights you need to move your career and your life forward. You will know your beliefs more intimately and you will also discover how you can change them.

Beliefs are invisible programs running in the back of our minds that control when we think, how we think and what we think. While some people are aware that these programs are influencing their decisions and shaping their lives, most don’t have a clue how to change debilitating programs or the very beliefs that cause them. Unchecked, some beliefs can self-sabotage careers and businesses. They can degenerate health and destroy relationships or they can become our greatest ally. 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life gives you the critical missing piece. It is “Version 5.0” thinking and it comes with a whole new set of beliefs that will powerfully and positively impact every area of your life.

It’s no surprise that the large majority of our beliefs come from our parents. We’re unconscious of most of them, while they run our invisible programs on autopilot. They influence our lives profoundly and often subtlety. Some beliefs serve us well and some do not serve us at all. If we possess one or more of the seven viral beliefs (outlined in Chapters 12 to 18), they will negate our dreams and desires. In the following pages you will learn to understand your beliefs and in the final chapters you will learn how to change them.

Looking backwards, just one generation ago, to our parents — the Version of software that was installed into their brains may have served them well, but does their thinking, their belief system serve you? If our parents’ brains had a Version number, what Version would that be? Version 1.0, Version 2.0? The more compelling question is: Would you be happy to install your parents’ software directly into your brain? Does their thinking serve you today? Would you thrive or just survive in today’s world?

Please understand that it is NOT my intention to criticise our parents but to ask the question: Would you accept your parent’s thinking into your brain, without question? Maybe you already have? I certainly did and it caused me four decades of hardships and conflict.

When I was a child, matters of the world were very different to my parent’s pre-World War II world. My quest through 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life is to expand your thinking and perhaps even offer you a mindware upgrade.

If your business, your career, your relationships, your health or your life are not where you want them to be right now, then look no further than your beliefs. A mindware upgrade might be exactly what is needed.

Perhaps it’s even time to review the thinking of our educators or even our education system? While our traditional educationalists teach us to learn and remember, we are seldom taught how to install a Version of thinking that is current and will have us thrive in a modernist and changing world. We are not taught how to think. More-so, how to think like successful adults, entrepreneurs, business people and leaders. Could it be old thinking to simply put more data into our heads without upgrading the software? Perhaps we’re jamming too much into an archaic hard drive filled with age old viruses? What if it’s a software upgrade that’s really needed? A new way of thinking might be exactly what is required? It was Einstein who said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Einstein was definitely onto something seriously transformational.

I believe that many of the problems in the world today can be solved — if we can just upgrade our mindsets. In this so-called advanced age, so many people are still locked in by the boundary conditions of their forefathers’ thinking. They may have aspirational level ten dreams though unfortunately they possess level nine or less thinking.

The aspirations of tomorrow and the problems of today cannot be solved with the Version of software we used in the seventies, the eighties or even the nineties for that matter. That software is redundant today. The world is vastly different. Our world operates at much faster speeds and is more complex than it ever was. The masses need an upgrade merely to cope.

Between surfing and writing, I am a trainer of the neural sciences, an accredited trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching. On writing this and according to my Coaching and Training Log, I’ve clocked up 7,408 coaching hours and 8,676 training hours. In this time of working as a brain untrainer, I have come to realise some golden gems that I hope will liberate you from the seven viral beliefs that imprison us. These seven beliefs choke us and moderate our efforts to create our greatest aspirations. These beliefs stop us from growing our businesses, deny us the opportunity to express our love, negate our life’s dreams and suppress our passions.

We have words for the outcomes of these seven viral beliefs — they are; self-sabotage, blame, guilt, anger, sadness and fear. Why do I call these beliefs viral? Because like a virus, they permeate our operating system, they harm most everything we do, they block our potential and stifle our ability to function effectively. Helping you to get beyond the negating results of these seven viral beliefs is what inspired me to write 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life.

My aim is to get you to breakthrough your conditioning, to go beyond your limits and discover what greatness can come from you. Should this book help you to realise your dreams, that would be worth every hour I invested in writing it. It would be the ultimate gift to us both.

Getting beyond your limits, is almost magical and certainly empowering. Back in 2004 I founded our company Life Beyond Limits and I cannot even find the words to share with you the joy that I get from watching people remove these seven debilitating beliefs. As I witness this miracle in a person, it often appears like I am observing two completely different people. The joy of this experience is what lead me to start our training institution and our coaching company. Though I often ask myself, what are we really doing as a service to the wider community — I believe it’s all about upgrading people’s belief systems to give them the belief, faith and trust in themselves to realise their dreams. Helping them to become more conscious and make better conscious decisions is where it all begins. So let us begin this transformational journey together.

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