Can NLP Help You to Heal Your Life for Good

Can NLP Help You to Heal Your Life for Good

NLP, short for Neuro Linguistic Programming, holds the power to deliver happiness. Happiness for most is their Everest. Conquer it and everything falls into place. Though many ask, can NLP help you to heal your life for good?

Though if you’re not feeling right or you think that you’ve lost your mojo then sound the trumpets, because I’ve got some great news for you! If you can’t seem to generate the success you desire, you’ve got money challenges or you can’t start or keep your relationships? Read on because I’ve found the answer to all of your problems (well most of them I hope).

NLP means you can completely change your thinking and so improve your life.

Can NLP help you to heal? Well, let’s start with money problems.

About 15 years ago I had a serious poverty mentality. My parents were poor immigrants and money seemed to be a real problem in our family. I can certainly recall many flighty emotions around that topic. However, my problems didn’t stop there.

I used to be a target to bullies. So I also developed anger issues, sadness issues, anxiety, and numerous phobias which led to depression. I was a wreck. I seriously thought I was a mental mess. I have since discovered that we all need a friend. When you don’t serve the inner friend, you go looking for one outside of you to fill that hole. I found alcohol and drugs. While my situation was pretty crappy already, the drugs and alcohol made them much, much worse.

I needed a solution. I so wanted to start feeling ‘normal’, though in truth back then I couldn’t tell you what normal was. I couldn’t even tell you who I was!

“I felt like a keg of dynamite and my fuse was getting shorter!”

I tried the traditional medical system without success. It just seemed that for every problem there was a pill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti pharmaceuticals as I believe everything has its place and use, it’s just that I already had a whole lot going on in my mind and body and I didn’t want to create any further chemical disruptions. My anger issues were getting worse and I felt like a keg of dynamite and the fuse was getting shorter.

A good friend suggested some alternate therapies and I tried many of them, far too many of them to list here. Nothing seemed to get me feeling ‘normal’.

Again, I’m not poo-pooing alternate therapies either, as I believe they certainly have their place in our society too, they just didn’t seem to get me on my feet. I then came across an article in Psychology Today Magazine that said, “NLP is the most powerful vehicle for personal change in existence.” It got my attention! I read on and discovered that NLP was an acronym for “Neuro Linguistic Programming”. I had heard of it, but frankly, I didn’t know much about it. It’s amazing how when you’re really committed to finding an answer, the right one soon arrives. I wanted to know, “Can NLP help you to heal for good?”

The answer came from a trusted friend who offered me a ticket to an NLP introductory weekend and within just hours of hearing all about NLP and experiencing it live, I was gob-smacked by what you could do with NLP. I immediately signed up for all the trainings; “NLP Practitioner, Masters and Trainers training” – you’ve got to remember, I was desperate and this seemed like a positive way forward and thankfully it turned out perfect!

The decision was so right that not only did I move forward, I never looked back. In Practitioner training I learned how to actually speak to my mind so that I could alter the programming that was causing my issues and giving me so much grief. I didn’t realise that your brain only responds to 6 methods of communication and your language must be structured in a specific way to get great results.

I also learned to change my core beliefs that are responsible for so many unwanted behaviours. I saw the proof in changed outcomes. A very exciting moment for me was learning how to change how I viewed the past; it was like a massive weight was removed from my shoulders. Then another life changing shift occurred when I learned how to shift my values in my Master’s training. This helped me to more than double my income. Mind you, the rapport and communication training in NLP Practitioner and changing (in essence) my operating system had a huge influence too.

My relationships are much better these days, with others and myself. Anxiety, depression, sadness and anger issues are gone. I’m not saying I don’t get a little low or angry from time to time, but these days I can manage my emotions and things don’t seem to affect me as they once did.

I became so impassioned by NLP that I kept learning it until I ran out of training and my only option was to start teaching it. My life is like chalk and cheese these days and I’m so happy that I can help others by helping them to make a positive influence in their lives. I can now produce the income I used to earn in a year, in just a weekend. I know that might be hard to believe for some of you – and that’s the very reason you don’t achieve it. My trainer used to make between $3 million and $6 million in a weekend – at the time I hardly could believe that, even though the evidence was right before my eyes!

I now live where I want to live (by the beach in southern NSW), I live with the love of my life and my two gorgeous girls. Though let me dull the picture for you a bit. I still have my challenges from time to time, but I now have NLP tools to help me. Each tool is designed to reimprint your past; change your beliefs; remove conflicts; build rapport; illicit your values; improve the quality of your communication; see more than most will ever see; and help you to create your ideal self.

If you’re interested in learning NLP, let me share one disclaimer. NLP is a set of powerful tools and insights and you may hear of some negative publicity around it. Just as there are good teachers, there are also bad ones. In the wrong hands, these powerful tools can be used to manipulate so my suggestion to you, is find someone to teach you NLP that you get a sense that they’ve got a big heart and they really care about people and the future of the planet and its well-being.

So if you’re having some challenges take heart, there is a solution, give NLP a go. Trust your instincts and reinvigorate your faith in yourself because there is always an answer and a solution. I love the question that Neale Donald Walsch asks when a problem arises, “What would love do now?” Yes, Tony Robbins is certainly right, “The quality of your life comes down to the quality of the questions you ask yourself every day.” I urge you to follow your heart, learn NLP and you’ll conquer your Everest and find happiness. It will be somewhere on your journey. Just keep looking, it’s closer than you think.

Rik Schnabel is an internationally recognised and nationally accredited NLP Trainer.

You can learn NLP in the comfort of your own home.

Better Questions Lead You to a Better Life

Better Questions Lead You to a Better Life

ask better questions

Your life, career, business or anything for that matter improves when you ask better questions. Though is it really that simple?

First, you need to understand that questions cause your unconscious mind to answer. Your unconscious mind cannot resist answering your questions.

Go ahead. Try it right now. Ask yourself, “Why do I have an itchy scalp?” and soon enough you will feel to scratch your itch. Be patient, not now, but in a moment you will feel to itch your scalp or somewhere else on your body. But don’t scratch it right now, you’ve got this finish this article.

If you’re feeling a little unsettled right now, you should be, because you asked an unsettling question. Though instead, get excited. Because the quality of your questions can improve the quality of your life.

Did you know that your entire life is made up of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis.

Ask, “Why am I so busy all the time?” and your mind will soon deliver all the reasons, but it won’t give you more time. Ask a better question, “How can I get an extra 30 minutes of ‘me time’ each day?” and your wish may may soon be granted.

Want more time or more money? Ask a better question!

Making money and lots of it is easy when you know how. I can tell you right here and now that anyone who has mastered money will concur that asking better questions will lead you there. Ask better questions and your financial world will never be the same! Avoid them and you will feel the ups and downs in the pit of your stomach of a financial rollercoaster.

Last Friday morning, I looked out my kitchen window. It was a glorious sunny day. I was staring at the ideal conditions for the perfect wave. I sprinted downstairs to grab my surfboard and head off to my favourite break. Hoping to beat a crowded line-up.

When I got to the beach no-one was enjoying those perfect waves. It was just me. Finally, it dawned on me. It wasn’t the weekend, it was Friday — a workday. Everyone was working while I enjoyed a perfect day, with perfect waves – but life wasn’t always perfect.

It was only a few years ago that I was working feverishly at my clinic, six days a week as a Life Coach. Day in, day out I untrained my clients’ brains. Most of my day was spent changing people’s minds. Untraining their brains of anxiety. Helping them to remove the dross of depression. Showing them richer ways to think to make more money. My clinic was choc-a-block, brimming with clients when I hit an amazing sweet spot with my business.

I specialised in wealth coaching and easing depression and worked from 7am to 7pm most days. Some nights I would work until midnight. While my friends lit barbeques and shared an ale. Others kicked back on the sofa watching TV after a hard day at the office.

I won’t say I wasn’t envious. Though I was working for something bigger — I looked further than most. The wealth mentors that I assigned to myself gave me insights that were worth far more than the money I paid them. They are the very reason I’m sharing this with you right now. My mentors are why I can go surfing while the large majority must go to work.

So, before I share their wisdom with you, let me prepare you like my wealth mentors prepared me. You see, financial success is all in the preparation. Before working with my mentors, they each said the same thing. They must have all had the same mentors.

Paul, my short but confident mega-millionaire mentor would start each session by asking me questions. At first, they frustrated me to no end. He says it’s the reason I no longer have hair. I would ask Paul a question and nine out of ten times, he would say, “Ask a better question.” Can you see why it was frustrating at first? But he was right. Most people can’t create anything much because they have no idea of what question to ask in the first instance. I get it now.

As I said, back in 2012, I was crazy busy. I was coaching, speaking, training, writing and rarely having much time for myself. I asked one question that at first I couldn’t answer, but eventually, I did. That question?

How can I make even more money and only work 4 days a week?

Today, I live on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. I surf. I play music and I work four days a week. Am I making more money? A little more, but I’m much happier.

A business owner asks, “How can I grow my business?” Today I would say, “Ask a better question.” I’ve earned my stripes now; I can ask those infuriating questions. “How can I grow my business?” tells me nothing and so how can I provide advice? A better question might be, “Who can help me to get more people to call me about my services?” or “Who is the best person at getting traffic to my website?”

Over the years I’ve found that rich people stick at things for long enough. Long enough that their knowledge about their industry, their intimacy with their product or service goes deep. This only comes from asking a better, more specific and less generalised question.

Otherwise, akin to asking, “How are you?” and getting the standard one-syllable answer, “Good.” Asking a better question causes our minds to dig deeper, to think deeper.

So it’s time to think.

What’s a better question?

What is the one question that you haven’t asked yourself, that should you ask it… will have you double, treble, even ten-tuple your income?

What’s that question?

Answering better questions creates the opportunity to solve your bigger problems. Solving bigger problems will have you build a bigger life. What challenge are you facing right now? What question could you answer that would remove the problem altogether?

R!k Schnabel is Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer

How can I heal PTSD?

How can I heal PTSD?

PTSD Affects More People Than We Realise.

If you recognise that you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have you ever wondered how to heal PTSD? Did you know, that statistically, 7 out of 10 people have suffered severe trauma in their lives?

But more importantly, how does trauma impact our lives? Are there reasons behind sad patterns and stilted growth?

Trauma can make you more vulnerable to developing mental health problems at worst, and at best it will cause you to stop taking risks and seek safety instead. It can also directly cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To overcome PTSD, some people misuse alcohol, drugs, or self-harm to cope with difficult memories and emotions. Some seek professional help. Depending on how you’re affected, trauma may cause difficulties in your daily life and stunt your growth. Often, trauma will have us recede.

After personally being raised in an abuse cycle and experiencing far too many traumatic events, I came to realise how strong the neural pathways become. I felt less in so many ways and hid for most of my life. This caused me to feel alone.

From the age of 7 years old, I invested most of my after-school hours in the library in the psychology section. I wanted to answer a burning question, “how can I be normal?” This question evolved to become “how can I heal PTSD?” This led me on a mission to find out how to reduce and remove trauma altogether in my own life. I know firsthand, how trauma stunts growth, as we the traumatised, move into protective, safe environments to shield our fearful thought patterns. Often forecasting our own worst futures, we attract our fears into our lives.

I discovered a solution.

In 2004, after 33 years of searching, I found the solutions I was looking for and began testing and trialing psychological processes – some of which I designed myself. It wasn’t just one solution or one pill. It was a process.

By 2006 – I was working in a clinic and was able to remove depression, anxiety, and PTSD among other recessive states. My theories turned to practice and success finally arrived. For my clients, it seemed like a miracle was born. However, I believe miracles come from effective strategies that arrive only after considerable research and understanding.

Today, we continue to help individuals with what I call Brain Untraining and since 2006, I’ve been teaching our processes to life coaches, therapists, and psychologists, as well as helping many traumatised clients to resolve the source of their issues.

Our process is a blend of 54 years of research.

Our process is more akin to brain untraining than merely adding to their awareness as most traditional therapies do.

The phases of our work follow our unique formula:

We liken it to a hybrid version, a mix of counseling, psychology, and Brain Untraining process.

If you’re curious, here is our process.

The counseling phase.

1. Learning the client’s full story (so we understand the full scope of trauma and formed identity).

2. Allowing the client to vent and release (we all need to vent every now and again).

The psychology phase.

3. Understand all the participants and their intentions (this turns emotions logical).

4. Greater learning from what happened and how this grows you (this adds to understanding).

5. Forgiveness (without condoning behavior. No one moves on without this step).

The brain untraining phase.

6. Reframing the events to see their most positive intention and how these link to your purpose.

7. Brain Untraining the client’s neural pathways and clearing them of traumatic conditioning (this is the magic).

8. Future Pacing. Designing an evolved and positive future that delivers a level of excitement and meets their values.

What you can do today to make a difference?

Trauma and a stilted life or a life of fear are not permanent. There are proven methods to get beyond anything that holds you back.

If you would like to enjoy a confidential chat with me you can access my diary here.

Alternatively, if you want to learn how to untrain your brain (and help others too), you can do that here.