R!k Schnabel -The Brain Untrainer


Even when R!k Schnabel began as a Coach back in 2002, he was a standout. Today he is one of Australia’s most highly respected coaches and is Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer.

He was given this name by one of his clients who had a so-called, “incurable illness,” that was cured from R!k’s unique coaching skills.

Looking for high-level experience?

R!k Schnabel has over 22,000 hours of coaching and live transformational training experience. He specializes in removing unconscious blocks that stand between you and success. He is the Coaches Coach, the Trainers Trainer – you are getting a world-class authority of transformation and a rapid problem solver.

His qualifications include:

  • Certificate of Life Coaching
  • Trainer of Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking and Trainers Training.
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Results Coach
  • EFT
  • Clean Language Practitioner
  • Reset Practitioner

When it comes to coaching, you will receive the greatest depth of experience possible.

He is also an international best-selling author. Check out R!k’s latest books:

a life beyond limits book

What others said about R!k

“Whenever I am looking to master anything in my personal life, career or organisation, I always turn to the Master himself, Rik Schnabel.  He is a Master at not only keeping things simple and fun but making your new knowledge stick” — Samantha Pearce, Chief Culture Officer, MAI Group



“R!k is a genius in the mind space. He helped me to double my income!” — Vladimir Platil, sales executive, Melbourne, Australia


“Anyone who meets R!k for the first time will, like me, remember the meeting as a pivotal point in their lives or business” — Paul Dunn, B1G1 Chairman.


“R!k’s ability to turn dreams into reality is a gift rarely seen!” — Warren Frehse, Author and HR Leader.



R!k Schnabel’s Coaching Programs

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What R!k’s clients say about his coaching…

Rik is a high-passion, high-energy, amazing coach. Rik brings an incredible power and focus to his coaching and this really helps get great results for his clients. Since working with Rik, my personal interactions, presentations and outcomes have all improved dramatically. I feel better and am performing better.“- Jeremy Samuel – St Kilda, Australia.

Rik Schnabel is an amazing person and a true professional in his industry. I was given the opportunity with my company to be coached by Rik to enhance my sales. His ability to listen, train & guide me with his knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was an experience that I will take through life with me. Rik personally changed my outlook on life, and created a Selling System for me which taught me to understand a deeper level about power of the mind and enhance my communication. You finish with an “I can do it” attitude. I highly recommend Rik as he changed my life and my approach to the way I work in my business & private affairs.”- Amanda McInerney – Hampton, Australia.”

Kapow! Thank you so much. Your coaching is so powerful, I want to savor it… I’m also not sure how much success I can handle at one time. I might explode!” – K.McKnight – Melbourne, Australia.”

Your work with me has helped enormously. Before I worked with you on my bird phobia, I was unable to even look at birds. I had had a huge turnaround. Not only can I look at birds, but I can have one sit on my arm. The work you are doing is truly amazing. It is changing lives. Thank you so much for what you do and who you are.” – Carrie Ann Gallagher, Chiropractor, Port Melbourne Australia

My fears seem to have drifted away, no “big bang” just over the course of the day after coaching, things seem clearer, the fears and excuses have faded away – that (bad) stuff is not relevant to me anymore. It’s even hard to think about the bad stuff with any clarity. I feel fantastic.” – Robert Skehan, Entrepreneur, Caulfield Australia

It was the best interview I have ever done, so thank you for your help; it made a lot of difference.” – Alex Clayton, St Kilda Australia

Since our coaching session, everything is now going fantastically, I’m lying awake early morning thinking about all the possibilities life holds – all thanks to you! You have given me a life where I can go powering forward. Thank you!” – Matthew Ling, Designer Frankston Australia.

At first you expanded my paradigm of what is possible. Then you shifted my thinking and helped me to double my income!” – Vlad Platil, Sales Executive, Melbourne Australia

In a world where time is of the essence and change is the norm, I have learned techniques through Rik that have assisted me in making immediate changes in the most effective ways. I was always of the belief that you couldn’t change and that I needed to accept that I was who I was. Thanks to Rik I am assisted to excel in my personal and career life.” – John Abbott, Entrepreneur, Bali, Indonesia

Eight weeks after being coached by Rik, I moved into the career of my choice and doubled my income!” Anon. Sales Executive – South Yarra, Australia

After fighting depression for nearly a year, and at times not even having the desire to get out of bed, Rik brought clarity to my goals and dreams. I have reconnected with my spirit and I am experiencing a new enthusiasm and excitement for life!” – S. Watt – Apollo Bay, Australia

Rik is all heart – he is a passionate coach & change agent. His enthusiasm for possibility thinking and his ability to see beyond what is evident is incredibly empowering. I have now created a new career which I truly love and for the first time, my business is growing by client referrals. I am being rewarded financially for my work. Thanks Rik.” – Jill Hosken, General & Funeral Celebrant – Melbourne, Australia

Rik is beyond all the common stuff we have been used to and brought me into another dimension. Rik empowered me to write my first book, ‘Manage Your Own Career: Reinvent Your Job; Reinvent Yourself’. I then became the resident career coach on a leading Melbourne radio talk show!” – Warren Frehse, Author, “Manage Your Own Career” – Melbourne, Australia

I now know without a shadow of doubt that there is this great creative process that helps us to manifest; it’s all here and now. Thanks a million, no, actually thanks two million!” – Steven Kolakowski – Altona Meadows, Australia

Thank you so much for sharing your insights with me. I am now conscious for the first time in my life!” – Dave B, Mechanic – Parkdale, Australia

Rik Schnabel has been a life changing experience. I visited places that I did not know existed and was introduced to living life with a positive mindset. A significant sum of money that was owed to my family and which I thought we would never see again, miraculously arrived. The week after Rik’s coaching, I began living the future I had created!” – Dita Kasal, Ontario Canada

After Rik’s coaching, I noticed how uncannily I now seem to be in the right place at the right time. So far, I have a sponsorship deal, two new alliances and four new clients! It is definitely my new found faith in myself.” – Sandy Ewing, Principal, Life Coaching Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

Since your coaching, I am now coaching full-time. I needed a computer and an office; I manifested both in 48 hours, just by following my intuitive voice. Four days after your coaching I got very specific about the group I chose to coach (Expatriates adjusting to life in their new chosen country). As a result of being specific, I have 2 potential strategic alliances and a new networking group. I believe this is just the start of endless possibilities for me. If you want more from life, connect to Rik’s coaching.” – Sue Thurston, Star Coaching – McKinnon, Australia

“7 Years ago I had a major operation and embarked on an Internet Education Self Improvement Program. R!k was one of very few that offered me life changing health tips without asking for money.  On the Internet many tell you how many millions they have made and about their travel, cars and houses. But they still want your money. I have never heard R!k boasting about the incredible successes that he has had. Online is full of Charlatans, R!k is definitely not one of them. He is the real deal.” – Richard Gault