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How To Change What You Attract By Changing Your Frequency

Our emotions can either be tripwires to debilitating downward spirals or opportunities to manifest magnificence. Imagine if you had one simple strategy that guides you to improve your emotional state? A tool that keeps you sane, even in a crazy world. Would it be helpful today to know where to start to untrain your brain’s […]

Can NLP Help You to Heal Your Life for Good

NLP, short for Neuro Linguistic Programming, holds the power to deliver happiness. Happiness for most is their Everest. Conquer it and everything falls into place. Though many ask, can NLP help you to heal your life for good? Though if you’re not feeling right or you think that you’ve lost your mojo then sound the […]

Better Questions Lead You to a Better Life

Your life, career, business or anything for that matter improves when you ask better questions. Though is it really that simple? First, you need to understand that questions cause your unconscious mind to answer. Your unconscious mind cannot resist answering your questions. Go ahead. Try it right now. Ask yourself, “Why do I have an […]

How can I heal PTSD?

PTSD Affects More People Than We Realise. If you recognise that you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have you ever wondered how to heal PTSD? Did you know, that statistically, 7 out of 10 people have suffered severe trauma in their lives? But more importantly, how does trauma impact our lives? Are there reasons […]

Why Smart is the New Stupid and how to avoid making dumb mistakes

If you ever wanted to know how to avoid making mistakes? You’re about to get the answer and you might not like the answer. Have you ever witnessed ignorant stupidity over dinner from a friend, colleague, or family member? Throughout the meal, they take a stand on a topic. They spout off at length, boldly proclaiming […]

How to Elevate Your Thinking to Improve Your Physical Well-being

Physical well-being and weight management are something many people strive to improve, but it’s hardly as straightforward as it seems. Despite being crucial for daily life, many are falling short of the standards for physical activity. Over three in ten (35%) Australian adults aged 18–64 are insufficiently physically active, and that issue increases with age. […]

Four Vital Questions that Every Life Coach Must Ask

Are you wondering why your coaching hasn’t taken off? It’s okay, I too was confused. At first. When I started my coaching biz. I was asking myself over and over the wrong question. “Why isn’t my coaching business taking off?” Sure, I had some clients, but not many. Then I realised, “Hey! I’m a coach! […]

The Intent of Mediation is an Agreeable Resolution

8 Rules for a successful mediation

Be an Influential Confident Communicator in 7 Simple Steps

Are you a confident communicator? Did you know that the moment a stranger notices you, they decide who you are? Their brain makes 11 major decisions and a multitude of computations. Are you safe? Can you be someone to trust or avoid? Do you have status or authority? Could you be a potential intimate partner? […]

Why few dreams come true and how you can beat the odds

How do we realise our dreams and make our dreams come true? As children growing up, we all got ideas in our heads about who we wished to become or what we desired to achieve. While some of us dreamt of owning fast cars, yachts or other aspirational status symbols. The rest had simpler dreams. […]

Be Crazy to a be Success in Business

By R!k Schnabel To be a success in business is to do the abnormal or trying to be found is akin to a needle in haystack. When people think you are a weirdo or plain crazy – celebrate! Because crazy is what you need to be to be a success in business – let me […]

Is Overconfidence Good or Bad?

By Akiko Kawakami – December 11, 2019 Overconfidence is the tendency for people holding incorrect, overly optimistic views and failing to comprehend the limits of their own actual knowledge and abilities.  Research suggests distinguishing three different types of overconfidence: Overprecision, overestimation and overplacement. 3 categories of overconfidence and negative consequences Overprecision is a type of […]

Transformation is Important to Us!

At Life Beyond Limits we truly care about you and your transformation so we have written many articles to help you. The primary purpose of our articles is to advance your career and to take your life beyond the boundary conditions of your thinking.

Will these articles challenge you? We hope so. Otherwise, you may remain shackled to your limiting beliefs and so your limited life. We will always encourage you to be the best you can be and any references and links in our articles are to offer more opportunities to help you.

Is it Always Important That You Transform?


transformational questions
transformational questions

If your life is perfect and you hunger for nothing more, then we applaud you and suggest that you don’t do a thing. However, this is rarely the case. As our lives continue and new goals arrive, we typically need to change in order to develop our mindset and skills to meet the new needs.

Surprising as it may seem to you, some people don’t realise that a transformation is not something that just comes to you. It typically requires a neurological shift. In truth, change without some sort of transformation is a rarity. Other than a disaster or a lightning strike to the brain, any change will require a coach, a training or a process to help you to alter your thinking.

Ask R!k Schnabel, the founder of Life Beyond Limits and he will share with you how his personal life transformation after studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Quantum Physics took him from a financial roller-coaster to millionaire. That doesn’t just happen, it requires a dedicated effort to get there.