Speaker Training

If you want more confidence and certainty, and massively improve your communication skills, then this is the course for you. I used to think that good speakers and communicators were born that way – but I was wrong. Confident communicators learned all the skills that you will learn here.

Each day in this course, we will help you to layer new skills, deep into your unconsious so that you naturally improve how you present. Plus, we’ll help you to define and refine your message so that you embody confidence and certainty.

You will learn how to keep an audience captivated, you’ll know what to wear, where to stand on stage and why, plus you’ll discover pace, pause and hand gestures of the most masterful and influential leaders of this century.

In Speaker Training you will learn these secrets and more. Best of all you will learn how to collapse any pesky fears that come up such as a fear of boring the audience, forgetting content or losing your flow. Gaining these new skills and leaving your fears behind, will change the way you present yourself, even to your friends, forever.

There is no better way to create a massive impact and leverage your time and efforts than public speaking. In just 7 days, we’ll help you to grow your charisma, be congruent to your message and ready to play at a whole new level.


What you will learn…

  • Overcome fear of speaking from a platform
  • Build rapport with an entire audience so that everyone is left feeling great
  • Create ‘Win/Win/Win’ presentations
  • Learn how to shift your emotional state in an instant for the greatest impact
  • Discover powerful techniques that will have you remember your entire presentation
  • Follow the easy path to Designing and Preparing a presentation (save hours of headaches!!)
  • Learn specific skills to “Look” and “Sound” like a professional
  • Become an ‘Expert’ in your field,’ using our ‘sure-fire’ success system
  • Learn how to read your audience
  • Move with professional power and grace
  • Learn how to prepare a dynamic talk
  • Master the ‘Lexical Networks’ and bring your communication to life
  • Discover how to turn your story into a six or seven figure income


Who this course is for…

  • Those with a message to share
  • Business Owners
  • Those who make Company Presentations
  • Life Coaches and Trainers
  • Sales Professionals
  • CEO’s, MD’s, Managers and Leaders
  • Teachers and Lecturers
  • Empowered Parents
  • Existing Speakers wanting to become more influential

Why you’ll love training with Life Beyond Limits

Internationally Recognized Training

This Training is nationally accredited and internationally recognized to provide the highest level of training possible. You will receive the following Certificate at the completion of the Training.

1. Part One of NLP Trainer Training

This course also meets the requirements of the first 7 days of NLP Trainers Training Certification


You will learn Speaking skills AND NLP Techniques

Many speakers simply learn the tools and the tricks to speak and practice many times over to overcome their fears. Our students love that they can fast track to confidence using the NLP techniques to remove fears. Time is allocated during the training to work on these fears so you can get on with having fun and enjoying the speaking itself.


Tools to help you create your very own speaking business

We give you simple templates, business structures and systems to build your very own speaking business.


Valuable Friendships

All of our courses offer incredible networking opportunities with leaders/movers and shakers from many different industries and sectors all sharing in each others growth.  Many students have made friends for a lifetime.


Powerful and Informative Speakers

From time to time we invite industry experts other relevant guest speakers to further enhance your knowledge of the industry and marketplace.


Meet Your Trainer

On your very first day of your training, your trainer R!k Schnabel will be ready to greet you with a very big smile and warm welcome.

In the classroom, R!k manages to create a sense of empathy, equality, ease and comradery among the students.   He is a role model, without any sense of superiority or judgement.  He is spiritually wise and has a clear and powerful sense of purpose and ethics without advocating his ways onto anyone else.

R!k is a consummate professional; a walking, talking, living example of what NLP techniques can do to help you to create a ‘life beyond limits’. He is an experienced and powerful presenter, teacher and facilitator who helps you learn the techniques both for yourself and to help coach others to greatness, and an incredibly giving and lovely human being. (Click here to find out more about R!k)

What did others say about this Training?


“R!k is a world class NLP Trainer and a brilliant Mentor. I recommend R!k to anyone considering taking on this training. “ — Michael Fury, Director at Creative Insights Group Pty Ltd

“R!k Schnabel You Rock! Since completing Speaker’s With Confidence, my LIFE has been AMAZING! I’ve got coaching sessions coming outta my ears! I’ve got the Speaker’s Bug!” – Christina Morrison, Victoria Australia

“Just do it!! if you want to know what to do with your life, find your passion or purpose, R!k will encourage these out of you. Absolutely fantastic!” – Luanne Mareen, Director of Goddess Playshops Pty Ltd

“Awesome!! A course that will touch your heart so you can find your way.” – Michelle Rupuha, Queensland

“Wow! What an empowering journey – the ‘Aha!’ has arrived.” – Steven Kolakowski, Victoria

“The experience is not about changing, it is about tapping into your personal power. R!k touched the hearts of every person in the room and boy, did the experience open my heart. R!k, I feel blessed to have met you.” – Denise Bonanni, Victoria

To Find Out More

Contact our Melbourne office on +61 3 8669 1121 or  email us via: rebecca.spencer@lifebeyondlimits.com.au