Untrain Your Brain

Brain Untrain – What’s It Like?

How did R!k Schnabel get the title of Brain Untrainer?

A Brain Untrain? What’s that like and where did this all begin?

Back in 2004, one of R!k Schnabel’s clients suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS), a degenerative disease. When the symptoms got really bad, he asked for R!k’s help. Within just 5 deep coaching sessions with R!k, he went from hardly being able to walk, to being confused. He couldn’t work out what happened and began to doubt he had MS at all. Why?

Because his MS symptoms completely vanished.

Today, he’s a successful media executive, living a life that only some could imagine. He called R!k a ‘Brain Untrainer,’ because that’s literally what R!k did.

Hi, my name is R!k Schnabel and for 17 years, I’ve been helping busy executives, small business owners and people who know that there’s more in them than they’re experiencing right now. I help them to solve problems and unleash their best assets; their Version 2.2!

As a Brain Untrainer, I look for the neural programs and patterns, the beliefs and meta programs that stop you from being the best you can be. Don’t panic. My clients aren’t sick or crazy. Neither are you! In fact, my clients are golden assets that just need a little rewiring. They actually notice the differences from our very first session!

A Brain Untraining session is just like having a conversation with a trusted friend. It’s 100% confidential and you are in trusted hands.

If you’re not getting the best out of you or feeling frustrated, stuck, burnt-out, tired, alone or a bit empty, in spite of your best efforts, then let’s talk.

Let’s be clear. This is a free chat.

The time we’ll spend together is my investment in you and your investment in you. It’s a free, no obligation consultation where I will help you to discover the hidden power leaks that are draining your ability to truly enjoy your life or take your career or business beyond limits. We’ll work out what neurological program needs a brain untrain.

When you discover and resolve these power leaks you can create your best mindset and enjoy, soul-filling prosperity, with the presence of mind to enjoy it.

Enjoy working with a Brain Untrainer!

In this call I will personally help you to gain deep clarity on why you are feeling this way; the hidden neurological field that is your Achilles heel. And share with you my proven methods to shift you into your highest productivity and flow.

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