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Congratulations for finding this page! This may well be a game-changer for you as thousands of people who have been coached by one of elite team can attest – appointing a coach is a real turning point.

I’m sure you know that the reason you are where you are today is due to your beliefs, your patterns, programs and your values; these make up your neural blueprint. You can get beyond your limitations by changing how you code and store the concepts that keep you stuck and limited. Just like rich people think richly and successful people think successfully, anyone can change with the right professional guidance. Though our team of experts are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill coaches.

Rest Assured, You’re in Good Hands


When you choose a Life Beyond Limits Coach, you are selecting an exceptionally highly trained professional. They’re all trained in not just high level coaching, but also Neuro Linguistic Programming and are all NLP Masters. Each have completed thousands of hours of hands on experience, transforming their clients in ways that most would think was impossible. Because all have been trained and coached by NLP Trainer and Master Coach Rik Schnabel who has over 23,000 hours of experience. Rik has worked with leaders, transformational agents and executives of fortune 500 companies and has personally trained, coached and mentored each of our coaches.

No Problem is Unfixable


While you may think that your goal is unreachable or your problems or issues are unable to be rectified, you’ll be surprised at what is possible when you work with a Life Beyond Limits Coach.

Our team has worked with all types of issues and helped our clients achieve all kinds of goals.

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What’s more, you can enjoy having a chat with any one of Life Beyond Limit‘s coaches at any time. Talk to them. Tell them where you think you need most help and hear their solutions and strategies, and find out if they’re a perfect fit for you?

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