How to write a book

How to Write a Book and Get it Published for Free!

Learn how to write, publish or self-publish your book and turn it into a best-seller!

Have you ever wondered how to write a book? You know that book that you’ve been talking about? Or perhaps there’s a book inside of you, but you don’t yet know what it is? What if we helped you to unravel that book and show you how you can write a book and publish it yourself without spending one cent! That’s right! You can publish your own book without spending a cent by modelling how it’s done simply, quickly and easily without having to invest a fortune. Your only cost will be this training, but once you’ve learned how and discovered the lesser known tips and tricks, every book you ever publish from now on, won’t cost you a cent!

Sure, there are other ways to publish a book – you can work with a publisher and we’ll show you how to do that too. And of course, you can self-publish though we’ve heard fees up to $50,000 to do that. It’s not easy and it’s certainly not cheap – unless you know how and in this course we’ll show you and anyone can learn this.

Do you have a book in you and would you like to learn how to publish it – and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes? If your answer is “YES!” Then let us help you.

When R!k Schnabel published his first book, his world expanded. Offers came from everywhere. Strangers soon became friends as his new book created lots of new opportunities. Opportunities to speak; to coach; to teach and connect with new joint ventures all came about because people resonated with his story and his work – they fell in love with his book called, “Life Beyond Limits.”

Life Beyond Limits became an international best-seller and was republished 3 times. It is now titled, “The Secrets to Creating a Life Beyond Limits.”

Almost two decades have past since his R!k published his first book. He has learned a great deal and would like to share the steps to publishing your own book. R!k has since written another 3 books and is now working on his fifth.

When you know how – it’s easy!


One day R!k was asked how his first book went. He replied, proudly, “It’s now an international-best-seller!” He was then asked, “How did you do that?” R!k answered, “I

sold a lot of books.” With that the gentleman replied, “Oh! You did it the hard way.” Oh yes! There is a hard way and there’s an easy way to publish and become a best-seller and in this special training you will learn the easy way.

What writing your book will do for your business?


When R!k Schnabel wrote his first book, soon he was speaking on stages and being invited to speak with the media. He will tell you that his first book was responsible for generating 12 percent of his first million dollars – though it literally launched his business. Here is what you might expect from your first book…

  • It becomes your marketing machine by generating FREE media publicity.
  • Your book can literally launch your business or double or triple it’s turnover.
  • Publishing a book can have readers really get you and your brand.
  • It can open doors for you that you never thought were possible.
  • You will credibly stand out from others in your field or industry.
  • Your book gives you credibility as others assume you’re an expert in the genre.
  • It builds for you a beautiful garden; while others are chasing clients with nets, the butterflies just come to you. Your book generates qualified leads and sales like you’ve never seen before.
  • If you want to be a speaker, a book is the best way to get invitations.
  • If you’re a coach, a book is one of the best strategies to get new clients.

What you’ll learn from this comprehensive and complete training:


You will come out of this training with a completed book. It will be available for the world to purchase it and you will start earning money from it.

What you will learn from this training:

  • Learn how to attract a publisher and self-publish your book
  • Discover the benefits of self-publishing over mainstream publishing.
  • Learn how to brainstorm your topic and choose the best title.
  • How to develop your book idea.
  • Planning your book – get a step-by-step format.
  • Write your book or find someone to write it for you!
  • Ways to get your book written really fast!
  • Finding the right editor for your book.
  • Learn how you can design, typeset and print your own book without spending a cent!
  • Sourcing the best quality royalty free images.
  • How to create your own awesome cover design.
  • How to find a publisher (if you don’t want to do it on your own)
  • How to upload your book on Amazon, the biggest seller of books in the world!
  • Ensuring you have an author platform.
  • Some of the best marketing strategies to sell more books.
  • Learn how the little-known secrets to turn your book into a best-seller!
  • Everything you need to get up and running as a publisher.

Register today to learn how to write a book at this heavily discounted price of just $997.00 instead of the usual price of $4997. This is for a limited time only. Register today and you’ll get to work with R!k personally to help you to find your book and book title and publish it to become a best-selling author!