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Who is Life Beyond Limits and how can we help you?

Hi my name is R!k Schnabel and because I love helping people to solve problems and reach goals, that’s why I became a Life Coach Trainer, NLP Master Trainer, and a Brain Untrainer with Life Beyond Limits.

Back in 2004 I founded Life Beyond Limits. Our aim was simple. Help people just like you to open their minds to get more from life, and to teach life coaches the science and art of coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Our mission is to empower tomorrow’s transformational leaders today.

We believe that anything is possible when you come to understand that mindset, when aligned to meaning can create magic. That’s why we love to open new doors for our family of students and coaching clients.

Before 2004 I was at a crossroads in my life because everything that was once great, was falling apart. I needed help and that’s what led me to life coaching and NLP. It was there that I completely redesigned my life because by changing your mindset; altering how you think can make massive improvements in your life. In other words, new thoughts can become new things.

Today, that’s what we do best. I became so impassioned by the psychology of transformation that I couldn’t stop learning NLP and Life Coaching and became a Master Trainer of Life Coaching and NLP. 19 Years on and I’m still studying, researching and learning.

I am so grateful for our success in helping others. I believe that today, we have become the most caring and heartfelt trainers in Australia – ask any of our students. We have now helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world to create a life beyond limits. But where do you start?

This page is the perfect place to begin your transformational journey. Here are a few places to consider…

If you want to have a quick conversation with one of our team you can enjoy a free, 30 minute solutions session here.

Perhaps you would like to dip your toe in the water and learn NLP for free?

Or maybe you would like to deep dive into our Life Coach + NLP Practitioner Program? You can find out more here or register for our next course or call us on 03 8669 1121 to find out more.

If you have a small problem or challenge to solve, often an inexpensive healing meditational audio is just what you need? You’ll find lots of them here.

Have a special request or would like one of our team to call you? You can do that here or phone us on (03) 8669 1121.

Plus, you can scroll down because there’s lots more enjoy…

We’re here to help you – if you want it.





R!k Schnabel
Founder – Life Beyond Limits

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Life Coach + NLP Practitioner Training – Start Date: Semester ONE starts on Tuesday 22 August 2023 until Tuesday 19 December 2023. Final semester recommences on Tuesday 30 January 2024 until graduation on Tuesday 21 May 2024.  Allow from 7pm to 10:00pm (Sydney time). Click here for more information…



Check out our HUGE range of Transformational Audios…

Did you know that you can listen to one of our transformational audios and change while you sleep?

While you sleep, your conscious mind shuts down as you rest, while your unconscious mind is active 24/7. It’s the reason you have dreams and even a slight noise can awaken you. That’s good news for us, because you can listen to one of our transformational audios while you sleep, you can make changes at the level of your unconscious. That’s where you want permanent change to happen.

Every month, we are adding to our list of audios. Check out our huge range here and make affordable changes while you sleep.


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Would you like to see more of R!k Schnabel’s YouTube videos? Check out his YouTube channel here and subscribe and you’ll get even more.


Would you like to talk to R!k about helping you personally or in your business?

Enjoy a confidential chat with R!k to find out how you can move forward on your goals or remove a limitation. It’s amazing how just one conversation can make all the difference, after that you may well find that you’re back on track to creating a Life Beyond Limits.

Perhaps it’s time to enjoy a complimentary “Solutions Session” with R!k Schnabel because Life Beyond Limits give you the opportunity to do that here.

Sometimes, we just need someone who is trained to hear our patterns and our limiting beliefs in order to help us to change them and propel our lives in new and wonderful directions. It is for this reason that R!k Schnabel was given the title of “Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer.”



We understand that you might want to peak inside our training before you do it. Therefore we are offering exactly that for you. Would like to see the first 8 videos of our popular Life Coach + NLP Practitioner Training program? You can do that right here. However, if you are ready to deep dive into the full course, you will find it here.

If you would like to dip your toe in the water, you can click on the “Get This Free Today” button. Then you will be taken to a page where you can activate your FREE program. Once you activate the program you will get access to a host of video trainings in addition to books, audio programs to help you to live a life beyond limits. Discover numerous how tos, including memory improvement, how to think richer, how to get more done and much, much more.

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