We want to help teenagers, but we need your help, please.


We are about to launch a new book to help teenagers and parents. It’s title is Teenedge – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. If you have teenagers and wish to pre-order a copy or donate to our case? Watch our video and find out more about what we’re doing with Teenedge here.

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Relationships can be the most wonderful moments in one’s life or the worst. Learn how to improve your odds with Matt Glover’s FREE Ebook. Click on the image to get your copy or click here.

There are two types of parents:
1: Those that complain about their kids, and
2: Those who play a wiser, active role.
If you're a parent, which one are you?

Here is the easiest way to help your kids and give them an edge - all the solutions and strategies in one book! Check this out: publishizer.com/teenedge

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2 days ago

Life Beyond Limits


PARENTS: If you've got challenges with your teenagers...?
TEENS: If you've got challenges with your parents...?

I've got the solutions - pre-order your copy of "Teenedge - Tomorrow's Leaders Today" here: publishizer.com/teenedge/

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3 days ago

Life Beyond Limits

I promise you that "Teenedge - Tomorrow's Leaders Today" will be more than a book - it will be a movement that will improve the way we think for generations to come.

There's only 11 more days to go to support this movement - even if you don't know any teenagers, please buy just one book - you can do that here: publishizer.com/teenedge

Help me, help others.

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4 days ago

Life Beyond Limits

Our thinking determines what we are attracting into our lives. When people say "I'm feeling up" at the moment, it's a literal interpretation and they are typically finding more opportunities - or opportunities are finding them.

Think about it. Who wants to be around anyone who's feeling down, angry or resentful?

I'd like to set a little (or big) challenge for you today. If you're down on the spiral - what's your strategy to get up?

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1 week ago

Life Beyond Limits

Congratulations to all our Speaker Training Graduates who graduated with honours last Friday. May you deliver great talks and trainings into the world. ...

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