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12 hours ago

Life Beyond Limits

I've been asked to be on a coaching show to reveal my "Brain Untraining" techniques - it was a great process preparing for the show as I've had to document the entire process and how it works. I'm looking forward to the show and promise to post it here when it goes live. ...

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2 days ago

Life Beyond Limits

Is humanity truly response-able?

When are we going to learn that humans are not mature enough or evolved enough to be given weapons. So we've come up with a new design?

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5 days ago

Life Beyond Limits

"Your past not equalling your future" was a huge awakening for me back in 2002. For years, I thought I was a screw-up. I thought I was dumb; stupid in fact. I was the poor guy. The socially awkward guy - the weirdo.

Then I found life coaching and neuro linguistic programming and I changed it all. No-one but me will ever know, how profound that change was. A richer mind, for me - was a game changer.

I often think of all of those people who are anxious; depressed; traumatised; poor - and I just wished with all my heart that they could find my breadcrumbs and follow my trail. I wished all the world could follow my trail.

Because having a rich mind means you give the best of you to others, to strangers who become friends. To your family; to your loved ones, your kids.

I'm so grateful, thankful.

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