Coach: Rebecca Spencer – Intuitive Coach

An Intuitive Coach Helps You To Know Where to Focus with Clarity

REBECCA SPENCER – Intuitive Coach

Rebecca Spencer is a unique Coach. Imagine a Coach who can not only help you find your way but also has clairvoyant skills to know what needs to move? An awesome combination and that’s why Rebecca is a highly sought-after Intuitive Coach. She can read your future, your ‘stuck points,’ and guide you.

Rebecca Spencer’s philosophy is that every person deserves to live and work to their ideals of total satisfaction available to you in our present moment.  At times you may forget what these ideals are and question your path. Rebecca will help you to get back on track.

Rebecca Spencer’s sessions are designed to bring yourself back into alignment with your highest ideals and back to creating and manifesting them for yourself.   Because in truth you know deep down what is best for you.   Any impressions, visions or messages shared are only to help you to realign to your path and not to replace your own decision-making genius.

I have studied under the guidance of Clairvoyant and Medium Doreen Virtue and Shivani Goodman. I have also learned NLP and Life Coaching from Master NLP Trainer, Rik Schnabel and practiced for many years as a trained NLP Master Practitioner and Intuitive coach– Rebecca Spencer

EDUCATION: NLP Master Practitioner, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach, NLP Speaker Training and Trainer Training, and as an Angel Intuitive.

Would you like to speak with Rebecca Spencer prior to booking a session?

Click here to access Rebecca’s diary to enjoy a complimentary conversation about how she can help you or call her today on 0466 155 689 to discuss your Coaching needs and desired outcomes or email her with your phone number and she will call you – contact:

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What you can expect from working with Rebecca Spencer?

Rebecca helped me to remove blocks and clarify my niche.


“I have held many senior strategic roles, and have highly valued my ability to think both deeply and strategically, however, this wasn’t getting me where I needed to go. Rebecca allowed me to access a deeper level of wisdom, intuition, and knowledge and helped me in clarifying my niche and then my future works. She has helped me by accessing patterns and blockages I had buried deep down and presented the lessons I needed to receive for both now and the future.  Rebecca is down to earth, empathetic, and truly cares about both my understanding of her messages and my journey. For anyone who feels they have something inside of them, but is not quite sure what it is, or how to access it I highly recommend working with Rebecca” – DAVID ROBINSON, MANAGING DIRECTOR, ROBINSON CONSULTING GROUP.

Rebecca exceeded all my expectations!


I had the incredible privilege of experiencing a transformative coaching session with Rebecca, and it exceeded all my expectations. Rebecca resonated profoundly with my inner self. Her ability to tap into unseen energies and connect with my spiritual essence brought a sense of clarity and purpose to my life that I had never before encountered. What sets Rebecca apart is not just her extraordinary gift, but also their compassionate and empowering approach. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking a truly enlightening and successful coaching experience.”

Rebecca has saved me and Life Beyond Limits so many times to help us make the right decisions


“Rebecca Spencer is my secret source of certainty. Growing a business can be tough when you have to make the right decisions to move it forward. At times I’ve felt uncertain about a new idea and I go to Rebecca for guidance. Rebecca is integral in the guidance and growth of Life Beyond Limits. She has helped me so many times by using her intuition. She tells me if my ideas will work and when they won’t work. Rebecca is brilliant at reading what’s coming and what to do to maximise the benefits and opportunities. Rebecca has saved me and Life Beyond Limits so many times from wasting valuable energy and time.” – R!K SCHNABEL, BRAIN UNTRAINER, NLP & LIFE COACH TRAINER.

I am now kicking goals in my business at an incredible speed!


I originally engaged Rebecca because I was feeling stuck energetically. Although a devoted and successful coach, it’s still early days in my business and I needed some help with direction. Rebecca and I easily fell into step with each other. It was obvious that she was genuine in her desire to understand and help me, and she’d even spent time with her guides before we met to understand where I was at. Rebecca is incredibly intuitive and is clearly working with a higher power. She was able to help me interpret several messages that had been puzzling me, after which I felt an immediate shift and sprang into action! Since then, I have been kicking goals in my business at an incredible speed! Our latest session saw me reunited with a part of myself that has been the missing piece of the puzzle in moving forward. I can’t wait to see what comes next! I highly recommend Rebecca for anyone looking for a gentle and kind approach to understand themselves better, or who need help finding direction.” – REBEKAH KING, COACH, MOONBEAM MONDAY.