Coach: Rebecca Spencer – The Higher Medium Coach

REBECCA SPENCER – The Higher Medium Coach

“I have studied personally with Clairvoyant and Medium Doreen Virtue, and practiced for many years as a trained NLP Master Practitioner. 

My philosophy is that every person deserves to live and work to our personal ideals of total satisfaction available to us in our present moment.  At times we may forget what these ideals are and question our path, companions and human capacity.   These sessions are designed to bring ourselves back into alignment with these ideals and back to creating and manifesting them for ourselves.   Because in truth we all know deep down what is best for us.   Any impressions, visions or messages shared are only with the intention of helping you to realign to your path and not to replace your own decision making genius. 

EDUCATION: NLP Master Practitioner, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach, NLP Presenter and Trainer, Angel Intuitive.

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