Goal Setting: make the time to create your goals

zoe teaching - july 2013 - age 11Goal setting doesn’t set itself. Weekends drift by without giving thought to what we want from them. Let alone what we want from life! I’ve got a quick suggestion and the idea came from Zoe, my daughter who was 11 at the time.

After speaking at our Breakthrough event in Melbourne, I arrived back home and thought to myself, “What would be a great way to chill?” My daughter Zoe had the answer. She said, “Let’s go fishing!” The sun was glorious warm yellow, the sky was blue, so we packed our fishing gear and drove down the road to Mitchies Jetty (Merimbula New South Wales, Australia). We plonked ourselves on two chairs near a deep channel.

We didn’t catch any fish – but we weren’t really there to fish. That wasn’t our goal. It was an opportunity for some nice dad and daughter time. Now Zoe is an amazing girl and I know you would expect me to say that about my daughter, but here’s why.

Zoe’s suggestion to you…

Zoe whipped out a pad and pencil from her bag and started drawing a sky diver, a boat, a car, a teacher and of course I’m a curious Dad so I had to ask her what she was doing.

She said she was drawing her life goals! You could imagine how chuffed I was – “That’s my girl!” She said she wanted to go parachuting, get a boat license, a car license and when she showed me the next one I had to hold back the tears.

She said she wanted to do what I do, but instead of teaching Life Coaches and adults NLP – but she wanted to teach children how to become confident. Whoa! I nearly fell off my chair – very humbling.

What’s my point to you?

If you’re not doing anything particular this weekend or if you have an hour or so – why not grab out a pad and pen, and start drawing your goals. Or cut some pictures from a magazine, one’s that really inspire you. Maybe it’s time to start dreaming again. The reason people don’t achieve their goals is because they never take the time to actually create them! If you make the time to do some real goal setting you are much more likely to realise those dreams. I have a saying, “If you can’t see it, it’s not real.” So drawing your goals or at least creating a picture in your mind in my view, is goal setting 101.

When it comes to Goal Setting, choose some inner-goals – they’ll change your life!

As a society, we’ve certainly been taught to chase objects, materials and things that might make us feel better. These goals are extrinsic, external and usually only provide brief joy and relief. However when we set intrinsic goals, goals that improve our skills or value, their effects have much longer term value. For example; grow your confidence is a goal that will enhance many areas of your life rather than buying clothes that have you feel confident. Grow your communication skills will be far more powerful than getting a new iPhone or improve your relationship skills will provide you with a more fulfilled life than buying objects to impress your friends.

Zoe’s goals were all about growing her skills, her intrinsic value not her material or extrinsic value. That’s what makes what she did so special and it’s why I had to share it with you. I hope these insights help you to create a life beyond limits.

daddy and zoe at the park lbl bookHave fun.

Rik Schnabel
Proud Father of Zoe Schnabel


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