How To Change What You Attract By Changing Your Frequency

How To Change What You Attract By Changing Your Frequency

Our emotions can either be tripwires to debilitating downward spirals or opportunities to manifest magnificence. Imagine if you had one simple strategy that guides you to improve your emotional state? A tool that keeps you sane, even in a crazy world. Would it be helpful today to know where to start to untrain your brain’s fear responses? What would your world look like if you knew what to do to manifest your wildest dreams into your life. Today, I would like to give you a tool to get you started.

Now in my 63rd year on earth, I’ve seen a great deal of chaos and craziness in the world. Financial collapses, continual changes in technology, climate change, conspiracies, and global tension. These are as much a part of modern-day life as are the shocks that come from emotional trauma and tragedy.

With all this and more going on in your life. How do you rise above the craziness and remain sane? Let me answer this harrowing question. From the standpoint of a coach, a Life Beyond Limits NLP Master trainer and a brain untrainer.

While our students and clients come to us to get beyond their limits. There is one thing we like to teach them that helps them enormously. It is a measurement tool designed by Dr David Hawkins, author of “Power vs Force.” Hawkins passed in 2012 and was a mostly known as psychiatrist who specialised in treating schizophrenia and addiction.

The chart is called the “Emotional Vibration Analysis Frequency Chart.” I call it the ”EV Chart” for short. The EV chart gives you a guide to know where you are emotionally, energetically and then shows you where to direct your focus. So let me help you to understand the EV chart by making sense of vibration otherwise known as hertz frequency. Hawkins’ book presents a fascinating framework for understanding human consciousness and its impact on personal and societal well-being.

This is a key measurement tool and as a trainer of coaches, I’ve come to realise that measurement is just as important as the means to get to where you’re going. As Lord Kelvin said, “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” But I think Peter Drucker said it better in, “What gets measured gets managed.” Now Dr David Hawkins measured vibration.

So let me share Hawkins’ chart. It’s organised as a hierarchical scale ranging from 0 to 1000. Each level corresponds to specific emotional states and attitudes and each have an associate resonance, measured in Hertz. Lower levels (below 200) represent states driven by force, such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride. These Hawkins believed were aggressive, harmful, and egotistical states of consciousness. We’ll refer to these as coercive states to emphasise that these are undesirable and hurtful.

In contrast, higher levels (above 200) including courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. These signify states of power. Just to be clear. These are not states of power over others. These are empowered states.

Force is primitive thinking and related behaviours while Power is within the realm of wisdom. Did you notice I used an owl instead of a person. Because no matter who I chose, I would be guaranteed to offend someone’s religious, non-religious or spiritual beliefs.

By the way. When I speak of the Power being within the realm of wisdom – I’m talking about my own model of the ascension to wisdom. It’s where I believe we all start unconscious. It’s when we our behaviours are automatic, without conscious awareness, so we are unaware, easily startled and we experience own fears for the first time. Then we progress to awareness where we are starting to build our conscious mind, so we’re curious, adventure seeking and starting to perceive our world. Then around 7 years old, we move into consciousness. Our world starts to come together and we learn to avoid pain and are motivated by both pain and pleasure. The next level is the success level. It’s where we learn the value of knowledge and courage, and come to understand that these can lead us to acquisition. This is where come to terms with our free will and the cost of our choices which leads us to experiment and set goals and direction.

To ascend to wisdom, we cannot miss any steps as wisdom is ultimately the knowledge of self, the world and the universe. Here we move to understand the interrelationship of all things and how one thing affects another. This is where we learn to manifest as we come to realise that our thoughts are not just silent thoughts. They hold a power to repel or attract physical constructs such as all matter and energy. This is what I believe Hawkins meant when he suggested that courage, a hertz rating above 200 is where we step into true power. If you think about it, to do anything new, you must start with courage.

You might be wondering; how did Hawkins measure these states?

To do this, Hawkins used a technique called Applied Kinesiology to ‘calibrate’ these emotional states. According to his theory, each level has a distinct energetic frequency or vibration. Lower frequencies are associated with negative, debilitating emotions, while higher frequencies correspond to positive, empowering emotions.

The chart postulates that an individual’s level of consciousness not only affects their personal life but also contributes to the collective consciousness of society. Higher levels are associated with constructive, life-affirming behaviours, whereas lower levels are linked with destructive and life-diminishing actions.

Hawkins suggests that personal development involves moving up this scale. This progression is not just a journey of emotional change but also a transformation in one’s perception of self and the world. As individuals ascend the scale, they experience a shift from ego-driven motives to actions based on empathy, understanding, and a sense of interconnectedness with others. This is why I say that the best power is not power over others, but power to empower others. When you heal, we all heal, we all benefit. To illustrate this point, you just have to ponder for a moment. What if the large majority of the world vibrated at say love or 500 Hertz, then you could only imagine what world you would be living in.

Now I use the EV chart coaching and it also has implications in psychology, spirituality, and even leadership and management. It provides a framework for understanding human motivation, decision-making processes, and the potential for personal and societal transformation.

Every person on this planet is vibrating at a subtle hertz frequency rate. Some are calm and attract calm situations into their life. While others are frantic and attract drama and frenetic energy. We have a base metabolic rate when at rest. But when events occur in our lives that trigger our emotions, our vibrational rate changes rapidly and often dramatically.

From the moment we are born, our emotions are engaged. As a coping mechanism, our mind starts to learn defense reactions. These are imprinted and stored deep in the mind’s unconscious.

As we move through life’s experiences, the large majority of our reactions become automatic or more-so, unconscious. Those emotional reactions are often negative and become learned habits. This leads us to believe that our own behaviours are uncontrollable.

In Western society, we are not taught how to view each life experience separately and appropriately. We’re either a success or not. We are seldom taught how to learn from those experiences. To process them. But most importantly, we’re never taught how to let go of the negative emotions, without emotional blocks appearing.

These negative emotions become stored in our unconscious. We are programmed until that program is dissolved and replaced by another. By the time we’re adults we have so many unresolved experiences. Many of our responses are automatically negative. These negative thought patterns perpetuate ever more negative events. All due to our vibration or frequency. We become caught in a negative emotional events cycle. Often based on long-forgotten past-memories.

Once in these negative cycles, negative events and consequent negative emotional reactions become more and more frequent. These are a natural life lesson occurrence triggered to keep giving you opportunities to see the pattern, process it and dissolve it. This is called ‘fractal time.’

Reactions that trigger negative interactions include—judgement of others. Feelings of being the victim. Comparing yourself to others. Perception that we are not all equal, are just a few. These are often the things that my clients engage me as a brain untrainer for.

Breaking negative cycles is paramount in raising your emotional state. To experience higher frequency emotions such as joy, love, acceptance. This begins by making the decision, using your Will, that you no longer wish to behave in this way. Then you begin the journey of finding new information. Discovering tools, and techniques to start breaking the constancy of these lower emotional reactions. Choosing to act from love as often as you can. Congratulating yourself when you do move through challenging situations in a higher and higher emotional state. Self-scrutiny becomes a habit and an effective tool.

A great question to ask yourself. Whenever you doubt yourself or come from a position of fear is this.

“What would love do now?”

The power of this question is that it can take you from low vibrational feelings such as shame, guilt or even fear, right up to courage or even love or joy.

When caught in a lower vibrational frequency, things can seem hard to overcome. However, in today’s world, we are fortunate to have many tools, therapies and information available that can powerfully help us.

Choosing to observe yourself in how you react in situations. Objectively looking at why you felt and reacted a particular way. To seek ways to dissolve those negative emotional hooks to past events. These all empower us to greatly improve our life experiences and to living in a much happier state. Living in a higher vibrational state most of the time, your interactions with others dramatically improves. You are much happier and wider options and opportunities appear.

To clarify a high vibration, such as love or 500 Hertz, this is what Hawkins meant by love.

The state of Love is very close to being unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. Love does not fluctuate nor does it depend on external factors. Love is a state of being. It is a forgiving, nurturing, and a supportive way of relating to the world. It is not intellectual and does not come from the human mind. Love radiates from the heart Chakra. Which by the way is also a brain – it’s our cardiac brain. At this level of consciousness, the core of an issue becomes the centre of focus. As reason is bypassed, there arises the capacity for instantaneous recognition of the totality of a problem. Reason only deals with particulars, whereas Love deals with entireties. This ability, often called intuition, is the capacity for instantaneous understanding without resorting to sequential symbol processing. This level opens the door to benevolence, mercy, and forgiveness through understanding and nonjudgment. According to Hawkins, only 4% of the entire population of the earth attains this level. Because of the dominating power of light over darkness, one individual at this level counterbalances 750,000 people below the 200 levels. This is the level at which spirituality starts, since below this, individuals are still caught up in the linear and material world. 500 Hertz is also the level of a songbird’s song, cat’s purr, and a dog’s wagging tail.

You might be surprised to know that the abundance frequency is 500 Hertz and higher. Want to manifest great things into your life? The key is to get your frequency higher and raise your standards as well. Conversely, this makes sense why someone in the frequency of say Anger at 150 Hertz is likely to only manifest more opportunities to be angry. This is what people mean by the term ‘like-attracts-like.’ Your vibration attracts to itself same vibration. So, if you are vibrating at 500 Hertz, you will attract the things you love. I hope this helpful for your understanding and gives you a new measure to aim for. And if it has, please give my channel some good energy with a quick like, share and by subscribing to my channel.

So let me summarise this for you. The key to living a life beyond limits is to improve and heighten your emotional state which in turn will increase your Hertz rate, your vibration.

But what if you can’t manage your emotional state and find yourself going down negative spirals. My suggestion? Work with a qualified coach or better still an NLP practitioner. Do the inner work to alter your outer reality.

Also, if you would like some one-on-one, personal help. You can book a free discovery call with me personally, to find out how you can start living a life beyond limits.

My name is Rik Schnabel and I’m a Master NLP Trainer, author and brain untrainer. Let me show you how to remove the low frequency programs that are hurting you and undermining your life. Let me help you to understand what you can do to attract your ideal life into your existence. You change what you attract, when change your frequency.

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