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When it comes to mindset, corporate training’s best is Life Beyond Limits head corporate Trainer, R!k Schnabel. One of his corporate clients asked him if he could convince every member of staff that they were in fact, innovative?

The company ranked their staff’s ability to innovate at a low 6% prior to R!k’s customised training. 24 Months after the training, they were astonished with a new 82% ranking!


Rik Schnabel’s Mindset Corporate Training is Mind Blowing!


R!k’s mindset corporate training genius is well-known among industry insiders. He specialises in helping companies to change their teams’ mindsets, from can’t do, to can do. He’s been helping companies improve their results since 2004 and can help you too.

Discover more about why R!k Schnabel is a unique mindset corporate trainer and may well become one of your most priceless assets.

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“Testament to his success, R!k Schnabel has taken my team of 25 staff through corporate training from them thinking they were not clever or innovative to smashing their own limiting beliefs.  Not only are they now innovative, they have now created their own “innovation hub” just 2 short years on and implementing their own ideas into company projects.  We measure our company values and innovation went from the lowest score to the highest within 12 months.  Our culture and business success can be directly linked back to R!k’s training including a corporate interstate retreat aptly named positively productive.  Employee engagement is a now a staggering 82% and climbing.  Thank you R!k for being our Master, our trainer and coach and our friend— Samantha Pearce, Chief Culture Officer, MAI Group

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