Millionaire Club: Wealth creation tips that work

wealthThis article is about wealth and again illustrates that gaining wealth is not just hard work alone. Mindset is a critical element that must be considered.

Rohan Simmons, 40, works in a gritty field, running the Melbourne plastering firm South City Plaster. Simmons’s yearly turnover is $3.5 million. His success is embedded in his adherence to a range of rituals.

For a start, Simmons (pictured) has been seeing a business coach weekly for the past six-and-a-half years. The coaching sessions have taught him to set short-term and long-term goals. He looks up to five years ahead and ensures every step he takes keys into his company’s vision, he says.

Another of his productive habits is attending neuro linguistic programming (NLP) seminars run by the coaching group Life Beyond Limits, devoted to overcoming stifling beliefs. According to the Life Beyond Limits website, every excuse for lacking wealth is a “finite belief” that can be changed.

The impact of the informal schooling has been “huge”, he says.

“With education comes confidence – and if you are confident you can make decisions based on knowledge not guesswork,” he says.

No longer does he engage in “self-sabotage”, he adds, explaining that, before he wised up, he worried that hiring new teams would cause more stress. Now, he reckons that hiring staff fuels profit.

So too do his key performance indicators. Think set task completion times, sales targets and conversion rates. Daily, his production team presents him with performance graphs.

The overriding habit that pulls the picture together is consistency. A consistent performance from a small business owner ensures a consistent team performance, he says.


This was an article written by David Wilson that featured in The Sydney Morning Herald on December 6, 2011.

Rohan Simmons had made some great financial shifts in his life which was helped by Life Beyond Limits Director of Training and Coaching, Rik Schnabel. If you would like to learn how to grow your wealth check out Millionaire Master Academy or enjoy our wealth shifting video, “My Billion Dollar Degree.”

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