Millionaire Master Academy

Would You Like To Learn How To Make $1 Million in 12 Months?

Follow Proven Strategies and Mindset Methods to Make Your First Million!

Did you know that your annual income is an ingrained neurological pattern? You set your income when you set your mindset.

It’s hard-wired into your brain. So chances are, if you don’t do anything different, it is highly likely that you will make the same annual income again this year – plus or minus about 15 percent.

In this program, we will help you to improve your wealth mindset by expanding your cybernetic income system. You will get proven strategies from millionaires who have paved the way for you.


What do you get in this program?


  • Practical tips that will save you years of frustration.
  • Mindset hacks that completely change the way you think about how money is made.
  • Templates and resources that take the guesswork out of financial wizardry.
  • Little known advice from multi-millionaires from all over the world.
  • Discover the key income drivers that 10x your efforts.
  • Find out how millionaires really think and why they make so much money.


Have you been experiencing a financial roller-coaster for most of your life? Then chances are, you will experience a tumultuous and frustrating ride for the rest of your life. Unless you learn some fundamental financial lessons.

Our mental and behavioral patterns predict our income. Though most like to remain within the status quo. Millionaires are never satisfied with being average.

The first step in making your first million is to be honest with yourself. Be real, as you progress with this life-changing program.

Your behavioral patterns come from your mindset. They have got to where you are today. But they won’t help you to make your first million – or you would have made it already or be well on your way. Courageously prepare to change.

Most millionaires were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Fidelity Investments found that 88 percent of millionaires are selfmade, according to their 2017 survey. They are usually dissatisfied with their financial position and their lives. They know that there is much that they don’t know – they need answers and just like you, they search for answers.


Find Out What Millionaires Did To Make Their First Million


In millionaire circles, there is no such thing as practice. There is only ‘Perfect Practice’. Millionaire Master Academy is about modeling excellence. It’s learning from what works. It is an ideal, self-paced program that will teach you how millionaires think. You will learn what vehicles they use to create their wealth and how they use them efficiently.

Glean tips and tricks, and mindset hacks from millionaires from all around the world. Get key training to show you many ways that you can make your first million. Because there is not one way – there are many ways and this program will help you to find YOUR way.


Get Instructional Millionaire Making Video Tutorials


Within seconds of enrolling in this program, you receive your first Millionaire Master Academy tutorial video. There are 52 of them and each week you will get your next installment. This way you can set one hour each week to learn how to make your first million.

Some wealth vehicles include real estate investing, real estate development, trading or stocks and shares, network marketing, online businesses, coaching or consulting, and many business models.

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Get the Practical and Psychological Edge from Millionaires


Making your first million isn’t about working harder or even working smarter. You know that even intelligence isn’t a prerequisite of millionaire mastery. Though having the right mindset is 95% of the game.

Learn from millionaire and world-leading mindset master, R!k Schnabel. R!k went from being $70,000 in debt and down to his last $27 to become a multi-millionaire. Since 2004, he’s been teaching people all around the world how to make their first million and he can teach you too.

Want to improve your financial mindset and increase your wealth? Then make a decision now to join Millionaire Master Academy today.

If you want to improve your financial mindset and increase your wealth – make a decision now to join Millionaire Master Academy today.

Use this special code on checkout and you’ll get $2500 off this program: kj2w6rrb


Millionaire Master Academy includes 52-Instructional and Wealth-Shifting Videos! You will discover…


  1. How the experts made their first million. What did they know and do that you don’t?
  2. Strategies that are used to supplement or rapidly grow your current income.
  3. How to improve your relationship with money and stop it from leaving you?
  4. How to budget efficiently to create a risk-free path to your first or your next million?
  5. Get numerous and detailed wealth strategies. There’s one for everyone and anyone can do it!
  6. Simple ways to produce online and offline products and programs to create that extra income.
  7. How to get off the 9 to 5 hamster wheel and balance out your life?
  8. Learn the strategic art and science of living a laptop lifestyle. Work from anywhere you want to.
  9. Discover some simple things to find hidden dollars in your lifestyle.
  10. Need an extra $15,000? Learn how to access that now!
  11. Learn the WHY, WHAT, WHO and HOW to earn what most people earn in a year – YOU can earn that in a month! We’ll show you how.
  12. Understand for the first time, how millionaires really think about money.
  13. Discover how R!k Schnabel got himself out of a poverty mindset and became a millionaire.
  14. Coaches, healers, trainers listen up! We’ll show you how you can earn an extra $50,000 part time in just 5 hours a week.


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It Has Never Been Easier to Become a Millionaire!


The total amount of global wealth grew in 2019 to a total of $360 trillion, according to the Global Wealth Report published Monday from the Credit Suisse Research Institute. It is easier than ever to become a millionaire – as long as you  know how. There are a total of 46.8 million millionaires worldwide, according to the report, and they collectively own approximately $158.3 trillion.

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What others said about your Millionaire Mindset trainer, R!k Schnabel


“Whenever I am looking to master anything in my personal life, career or organisation, I always turn to the Master himself, Rik Schnabel.  He is a Master at not only keeping things simple and fun but making your new knowledge stick” — Samantha Pearce, Chief Culture Officer, MAI Group



“R!k is a genius in the mind space. He helped me to double my income!” — Vladimir Platil, sales executive, Melbourne, Australia


“Anyone who meets R!k for the first time will, like me, remember the meeting as a pivotal point in their lives or business” — Paul Dunn, B1G1 Chairman.


“R!k’s ability to turn dreams into reality is a gift rarely seen!” — Warren Frehse, Author and HR Leader.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Decide today. Are you going to struggle for the rest of your life or create enough money to enjoy a rest in your life?

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