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Millionaire Master Academy is a 52-week, online program where you discover the secrets to financial success. Each week you need only invest one hour of your time. Every week you will get one video to watch and learn how to think and act like the millionaire masters.

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Does this sound like you?

  1.  Money is an ‘icky’ word for you and your challenged by it.
  2.  You believe you can either be spiritual or rich, not both.
  3.  Money and you are not really friends because it leaves you as soon as it arrives.
  4.  You’ve never been able to master the ‘Millionaire Game.’
  5.  Your life is a financial rollercoaster.
  6.  You’ve gotten close to making your first million, but didn’t quite get there.
  7.  You want to start a business but don’t know how.
  8.  Money is a game of boom and bust for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe you will be more than fully satisfied with this program, that we include a complete 100% guarantee. If after 30 days you are unhappy with the program, simply email us via and we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.

Get 52 Instructional Videos (one each week) to help you:

  1. How to improve your relationship with money and stop it from leaving you?
  2. Simple ways that you can create (online and offline) products to generate passive and active income.
  3. How to budget to create a risk-free path to your first or next million?
  4. Get 24 proven and detailed strategies to become a millionaire. There’s one for everyone and anyone can do it.
  5. How to get off the hamster wheel of 9 to 5 (or worse) and create a more balanced life?
  6. Learn the strategic art and science of developing a laptop lifestyle and how to live a more chilled millionaire lifestyle?
  7. Discover some simple things that you can do right away to make an extra $100, right up to $1,500 a week.
  8. Need an extra $15,000? Did you know that you can access that right now? Find out how?
  9. Learn the WHY, WHAT, WHO and HOW of getting onto the path of earning what most people earn in a year, you can earn in a month? This is mission critical.
  10. How do millionaires think about money? This one module will have you see money in a whole new light!
  11. Discover how R!k Schnabel got himself out of a poverty mindset and developed a Richer Way To Think?
  12. Discover how to write a book and use it to launch your business and your own personal brand?
  13. If you’re a Coach or Consultant, discover an alternate product and price model that will have you work less and earn much more!
  14. Uncover a massive database and utilise it to sell your products and programs?
  15. Coaches! Discover how you can make $50,000 a year in just 5 hours each week?
  16. How to build websites and landing pages for free, that deliver leads to your door?
  17. Plus much, much more…
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