Rebecca Spencer Ascension Coach


Rebecca Spencer is Life Beyond Limits Ascension Coach. Ascension Coach Rebecca Spencer will help you to get unstuck. Rediscover your energy and reconnect with source by ascending the illusion.


Rebecca Spencer – Ascension Coach


Rebecca Spencer is Life Beyond Limits Ascension Coach. However, one of the biggest challenges for coaches is working out the core or the origination of one’s issues. Once discovered, it’s then simply a process of altering how you think and feel about the issues, and healing the issues.

What if you could get directly get to the cause of all your problems and remove them?

Rebecca has this unique ability to read you. She just knows where your issues and behaviours originate and she can help you to change them. That’s what happens when you combine a highly trained coach with an intuitive healer in the one person.

This is why Rebecca Spencer is the Ascension Coach. You are in safe and reliable hands.

“I’ve worked with some of the best coaches in the world, yet none can get right to the core of your issues like Rebecca Spencer can. Being a trainer of coaches and NLP, I’ll admit, I’m not the easiest of clients. I can see what a coach is gearing up to do – after all, I’ve trained enough to know their tactics. However, Rebecca just intuitively know what to do. I guess it’s that great combination of an intuitive and an NLP trained coach” – R!K SCHNABEL, BRAIN UNTRAINER, NLP & LIFE COACH TRAINER.


Ascension Coaching with Rebecca is fast-tracking solutions!


Instead of taking a multitude of sessions to get to the source of a lifelong issue, quite often Rebecca is able to get right to the heart of the problem. Her expertise is unparalleled. Rebecca can help you to discover why you were born with ascension coaching. Rebecca is trained in many coaching and healing modalities including, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Aspect Therapy, Angel Intuitive Healing, Hypnotherapy and formal Coaching gives Rebecca a unique skill set that eclipses the majority of regular coaches.


When You Get Coaching with Rebecca, You Get Value


Rebecca Spencer’s Ascension Coaching is Each session runs for up to 1.5 hours and if you’re using this to remove lifelong issues, you’re in good company. Rebecca’s style is gentle, nurturing and caring but with laser, pinpoint accuracy.

Here are 2 ways to contact Rebecca.

MAIL: If you have any other questions about Rebecca’s coaching – why not email her directly via: or call her on 0466 155 689.

PHONE & PAYMENT PLANS: Need to arrange a payment plan – call Rebecca Spencer on 03 8669 1121 or email her on

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