Millionaire Master Academy Income Accelerator Program

$27.00 / month for 12 months

Start Date: Anytime.

Trainer: R!k Schnabel.

Training Location: OFA (Online From Anywhere)

Duration: 52 Videos (one each week) for 12 months.

Learn how to innovate and make your first million.


What would your life look and feel like if you became a Millionaire this year?
Let us show you how…

I recall before I became a millionaire, I met many of them.  I’m not talking about millionaires who became that way just because their home increased in value. I’m talking about millionaires got richer due to clever income and investment strategies.

The thing that lead me to my first million was modelling not what they did, but how they thought. The way that you must think to make your first million is vastly different to how most people think. Millionaires work on their mindset first. They have a healthy view of money. They’re focused and they know how the money game works. 

After coaching so many people to increase their income potential and rise to millionaire status, I realised that most people on the journey to their first million all needed the same help – and that’s why I created this program for Life Beyond Limits. Because we want you to live a life beyond limits – and so often, money matters on that journey.

If you want to learn how to make your first million, then Millionaire Master Academy will take you there.

Millionaire Master Academy is where you will discover how millionaires think. You’ll hear from many millionaires who have used many different vehicles to make their first million. These include, entrepreneurship, real estate, trading, online sales, coaching and training to name a few.

But don’t be mistaken. Millionaire Master Academy is much more than learning how to make your first or next million. It’s about living a life of purpose and prosperity. It’s about discovering how to create financial opportunities for yourself and your family while enjoying the process along the way.

Millionaire Master Academy – Get 52 Instructional Videos to Massively Accelerate Your Income!

Millionaire Master Academy is a 52-week, video program where you discover the secrets to financial success. Each week you need only invest half an hour of your time watching each instructional videos and applying the lessons.

This is the stuff that you never learn in school and rarely learn in life.


  1. Learn how to improve your relationship with money and stop it from leaving you?
  2. Discover simple ways that you can create (online and offline) products to generate passive and active income.
  3. Hear from expert millionaires and how they made their first million.
  4. Know how to budget to create a risk-free path to your first or next million?
  5. Learn from millionaires from all around the world. The do’s and don’ts and tips and tricks.
  6. Get 24 proven and detailed strategies to become a millionaire. There’s one for everyone and anyone can do it with the right steps.
  7. How to get off the hamster wheel of 9 to 5 (or worse) and create a more balanced life?
  8. We’ll share many wealth vehicles and how to create incomes from them, plus get high level insider tips.
  9. Learn the strategic art and science of developing a laptop lifestyle and how to live a more chilled millionaire lifestyle?
  10. Discover some simple things that you can do right away to make an extra $100, right up to $1,500 a week.
  11. Need an extra $15,000? Did you know that you can access that right now? Find out how?
  12. Learn the WHY, WHAT, WHO and HOW of getting onto the path of earning what most people earn in a year, you can earn in a month? This is mission critical.
  13. How do millionaires think about money? This one module will have you see money in a whole new light!
  14. Discover how R!k Schnabel got himself out of a poverty mindset and developed a Richer Way To Think?
  15. Discover how to write a book and use it to launch your business and your own personal brand?
  16. If you’re a Coach or Consultant, discover an alternate product and price model that will have you work less and earn much more!
  17. Uncover a massive database and utilise it to sell your products and programs?
  18. Coaches! Discover how you can make $50,000 a year in just 5 hours each week?
  19. How to build websites and landing pages for free, that deliver leads to your door?
  20. Plus much, much more…

If you want to master the money game to create more good in the world, this is the program for you!


100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe you will be more than fully satisfied with this program, that we include a complete 100% guarantee. If after 30 days you are unhappy with the program, simply email us via and we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.


Would you like to pay offline or do you have more questions?

Simply call Rebecca Spencer on 03 8669 1121 or leave a message and Rebecca will enrol you over the phone or have R!k Schnabel himself call you to explain how this program will help you massively increase your income.


This is the stuff that you never learn in school and rarely learn in life.

Every child should learn this early in their life – or pay the price for all their lives.

2 reviews for Millionaire Master Academy Income Accelerator Program

  1. Grace

    Hi Rebecca,
    Not sure if I missed it. Is it face to face classroom as well as online?
    How long does it go for pls?
    Are there part payments?

    Thank you

    • Rik (verified owner)

      Hi Grace, this program runs for 12 months and includes 52 videos. So you’ll just need to commit to up to one hour each week and if you would like to pay this off, you’ll need to contact Rebecca in the office on 03 8669 1121. I hope that helps you Grace 🙂

  2. Steven Mardas

    Could someone please call me back tomorrow so I can ask a couple of non-vanilla questions & to arrange payment.
    My phone number is +61413624842
    Many thanks & regards!

    • Rik (verified owner)

      Hi Steven,
      I’ll be happy to personally answer any of your questions. I’ll call you today 🙂

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