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WARNING: Each of these audios are meditative and hypnotic in nature so it is important that you do not listen to these while driving, using heavy machinery or while requiring full conscious awareness.

ABUNDANCE Beyond Limits
Increase your wealth mindset.
Duration: 33:34 minutes

Description: An abundance mindset is a wealthy mindset. Though many beliefs and programs stop you from attracting wealth into your life. This audio is designed to remove the unconscious programming that stands between you and your wealthy self. Price: $27

Benefits: Think richer and overcome a poverty or lack mindset.
Duration: 34:55 minutes

Description: Helps you to untrain your brain of poverty patterns and fear of growing your wealth. Wealth is wisdom and a willingness to grow your money flow. This audio is designed to remove your poverty patterns. Price: $27

CALM Beyond Limits
Feel and think calmer than ever before, naturally.
Duration: 48:00 minutes

Description: Remove the tensions, anxieties and worries from your mind as you calm your thoughts and relax. This audio will have you going deeper into relaxation than a well trained Buddhist Monk.
Price: $27

CLIMAX Beyond Limits
(Must be 18 years and over to purchase this)

Benefits: Relax conscious barriers to intimacy, allow the full benefits to flow.
Duration: 50:44 minutes
Description: 1 in 6 women rarely or never orgasm. This audio is designed to unlock the mental barriers to orgasm, reduce negative sex self-talk and increase ease of climax.
Price: $27

CONFIDENCE Beyond Limits
Increase your confidence with ease.
Duration: 61:36 minutes

Description: Program your subconscious mind to convince you that you are confident? This audio is designed to remove the unconscious programming that stands between you and your confidence self. Price: $27

Get a quick confidence boost.
Duration: 60:00 minutes

Description: Deepen further your confidence self and is a perfect accompaniment with “Confidence Beyond Limits.” After several listenings you will find yourself trusting yourself more and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Price: $27

COURAGE Beyond Limits
Increase your courage with ease.
Duration: 33:00 minutes

Description: Increase your courage and reduce your fears of what others think of you and your fears of the world. This audio increases your courage with each listening by untraining your brain of fear. Price: $27

CREATIVE Beyond Limits
Unleash your creative side and open up your imagination.
Duration: 58:02 minutes

Description: Let your imagination run wild, open the creative parts of your right brain function.  Ideal for anyone who wants ideas to flow freely or if you are experiencing a creative block. Price: $27

DESTINY Beyond Limits
Unlock your destiny by communicating through the unconscious
Duration: 56:24 minutes
Description: Go on a magical journey of discovery to uncover your passions. Designed to help remove the suppressive processes that hinder you from realising your true purpose and the passion that lays beneath it. Price: $27

FORGIVE Beyond Limits
Heal anger and resentment from your past.

Duration: 52:30 minutes
Description: Release negative attachments from past relationships. Also ideal to help you move on from some limiting relationships which may still have hold on you. Price: $27

Forgive and Release Negative Attachments.
Duration: 47:35 minutes

Description: This audio is a brilliant accompaniment to “Forgiveness Beyond Limits” as it takes forgiveness now to the next, much deeper level to help you to forgive and release the negative attachments. Price: $27

FREE MAN Beyond Limits
Benefits: Release yourself from feeling trapped and limited.
Duration: 37:07 minutes

Description: Many people feel incarcerated, imprisoned, when in truth they’re free. They just can’t see it or feel it. It’s no surprise that we then limit our life. Untrain your brain of the shackles of your mind to find a true feeling of freedom. Price: $27

GENIUS Beyond Limits
Increase your ability to unlock the Genius Mind within you.
Duration: 1:30:00 minutes
Description: There is a genius in all of us however some of us have no idea of where their genius exists. Tap into your unconscious to unlock the greater mind powers from within you. This is excellent for anyone who is studying or about to undergo a course. Price: $27

HEAL Beyond Limits I & II (TWO AUDIO SET)

Benefits: Consciously remove the health limitations from your body
Duration: Healing I: 66:38 minutes + Healing II: 60:00 minutes
Description: These are specifically worded to help you to focus upon specific areas of your body which you choose to speed up the healing process.  Studies continue to support that the mind has a major part to play in healing. Price: $47

HIGHER SELF Beyond Limits
Benefits: Ascend to your wisest and most spiritual self.
Duration: 48:00 minutes
Description: Discover the path to ascension, the path to your highest self. Rise above the limitations of life and challenge as you hear the story of the Little Soul of The Sun.
Price: $27

LEADERSHIP Beyond Limits

Benefits: Start believing you’re a leader and you will soon become one.
Duration: 60:24 minutes
Description: Good leaders make decisions quickly and can identify great opportunities through clarity and powerful thinking. This Audio helps you to unlock the Leader within. Gain more clarity as you release some old unconscious patterns that may have limited you in the past. Price: $27

Life Beyond ANGER
Benefits: Release Anger from the past, the easy way
Duration: 53:20 minutes
Description: Anger is one of the most destructive emotions one can have. You may be abrupt and at times even hostile, without real cause. This is due to tapping into unresolved anger and it can disappear completely using this guided audio. Price: $27

Life Beyond ALCOHOL 3 Audio Pack
Life Beyond Amber Alcohols
Benefits: Reduce your desire for alcohol.

Audio 1: Beers and Spirits
Audio 2: Red Alcohols
Audio 3: White Alcohols
Description: Drinking way too often or way too much? This audio series is a powerful life-shifting opportunity to take back the control of your life. 1: Red reduces your desire for liqueurs, cocktails, red wine or any alcohol that is reddish in colour. White focuses on white or clear alcohols i.e., vodka, gin, white rum, ciders, liqueurs, cocktails, white wine, champagne. Amber focuses on amber or yellowish alcohols such as beer, scotch, whiskey, rum, bourbon, cognac, cocktails, liqueurs, and wines. Price: $67

Life Beyond BREAK-UP (The Parting Process)
Benefits: Separating without anger or blame
Duration: 54:18 minutes
Description: If you choose to part with your significant other, you are not to blame, nor are they. The Parting Process helps couples to move on without blame, anguish, guilt and sadness. Price: $27

Life Beyond BROKE
Benefits: Assists in altering ‘thoughts of lack in your subconscious
Duration: 60:10 minutes
Description: Release a poverty mindset and align to a wealthier mindset. Remove blocks such as “I’m not good enough to be wealthy” and “I’m not lucky enough to be wealthy”. This is an excellent audio coupled with “Life Beyond Money” and “Life Beyond Money Flow”
Price: $27

Life Beyond CANCER I + II

Benefits: Remove the mental barriers to health and heal the body

Duration: Audio I 67:51 minutes – Audio II 44:47 minutes
Description: This audio supports the mental processes of dealing with cancer. Studies have found that a strong mental condition strengthens our ability to self-heal. Focus upon targeted cancerous areas of your body. Price: $47

Benefits: Remove the habituation of depressed thinking.
Duration: 59:04 minutes
Description: This audio provides insights and helps to untrain your brain to release the concepts of depression. By retraining depressed memories, you light up your neurology in these stored areas of the mind to change them. This audio will help you to turn off your disempowering thinking. Price: $27

Life Beyond DIS-EASE
Benefits: Heal your body via your unconscious mind
Duration: 44:30 minutes
Description: This audio was initially used in hypnotic therapeutic sessions to help people with terminal illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. It was then found to assist people with chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and even cold symptoms. Price: $27

Life Beyond FEAR
Benefits: Reduce and remove your fear and unleash your courageous self.
Duration: 44:30 minutes
Description: Alter how you feel about fear and shift it through and out of your body as you gain significant, courageous insights and unlock your superpower. Price: $27

Benefits: Remove abandonment expectations and fear for good.
Duration: 60:00 minutes
Description: Reduce the fear of being left alone and so stop that negative relationship pattern in its tracks. Remove the unconscious behaviour from causing relationship loss. Price: $27

Benefits: Release fearful aspects for good and ascend them.
Duration: 33:00 minutes
Description: Release the fearful parts of you, the aspects that trap your thinking and limit your actions. This audio program will help to free you from the fearful and illusory aspects that incarcerate your thinking. Price: $27

Benefits: Remove guilt and shame and their stifling affects.
Duration: 24:45 minutes
Description: Reduce and remove guilt and shame and the fear that is its cause. This audio program will help to free you from guilt and shame and the fear these bring about. Price: $27

Benefits: Remove self and external judgement from imprisoning you.
Duration: 35:00 minutes
Description: Release the egotic mind of judgement from locking out other people from your life. Judgement is fear itself. Learn how to release its hold on you. Price: $27

Life Beyond LABOUR
Benefits: Make childbirth easier by relaxing into the miracle of birth.
Duration: 1:13:58 minutes
Description: Childbirth doesn’t have to be hard or painful. Your state of mind and your emotional state determine its ease. Listen to this audio with regularity prior to giving birth to make the experience more relaxing and joyful. Price: $27

Benefits: Remove the limitations and negative self-talk that impedes success
Duration: 53:00 minutes
Description: It is said that the negative chatter in our minds is largely responsible for our continual programming that has us self-sabotage our efforts towards success and ultimately our failure. This audio is designed to reduce negative self-talk and installs a powerful and loving voice in your mind.
Price: $27

Benefits: Remove the limitations and negative self-talk that impedes success
Duration: 20:00 minutes
Description: This audio is designed to remove obligations and resentments from your thought patterns that traps your thoughts and limits your actions.
Price: $27

Life Beyond SADNESS
Benefits: Remove sadness triggers to make being happy much easier.
Duration: 32:14 minutes
Description: Sadness like many emotions is typically triggered by memories of the past. You will find that after following this process that it will be much easier to feel happy and fulfilled, and you will feel much lighter afterward Price: $27

Benefits: Remove the limitations of toxic self-judgement.
Duration: 34:33 minutes
Description: This audio is designed to remove feelings of self-loathing and shame, guilt and blame from your thought patterns that traps your thoughts, identity and limits your actions. Price: $27

Life Beyond SINGLE
Benefits: Attract your Soul Mate into your life by releasing the usual resistance...
Duration: 65.53 minutes
Description: Alter your thinking and so your communications and posture to become more attractive. Remove emotions such as neediness and feeling lonely and become a magnet to attract your soul mate into your life Price: $27

Life Beyond SMOKING 6 Audios + Book
Benefits: Time to Quit? Remove the smoker from your mind
Duration: AUDIO 1 – 1:13:25 mins. AUDIO 2 – 1:11:11 mins. AUDIO 3 – 1:16:49 mins. AUDIO 4 – 1:13:14 mins. AUDIO 5 – 1:01:45 mins. AUDIO 6 – 0:53:20 mins.
Description: This audio is designed to reduce your desire to smoke and detest the taste and smell of cigarettes while removing the unconscious programming that stands between you and health. Includes “Life Beyond – Anger, Stress, Negative Self-Talk.”
Price: $147

Life Beyond STRESS
Benefits: Relax your mind, body and soul with ease
Duration: 1:13:14 minutes
Description: Stress is merely how we code and store the information in our mind as to how we react and respond to specific events and stimuli. This can be changed. Stress can also be an indicator that tells us that we’re working hard or sufficiently, but could you imagine how more enjoyable or productive work will be if you were able to nuke stress? Price: $27

Life Beyond LITTLE MIND (Aspect Therapy)
Benefits: Remove your small mindedness and egotic aspects from your life.
Duration: 0:44:00 minutes
Description: Remove all the aspects from being small-minded and allowing your ego to run your life, to finally finding freedom from limitations and competition. Enjoy your new freedoms. Price: $27

Benefits: Remove your need to get other people’s approval.
Duration: 0:48:00 minutes
Description: Remove the need to gain other people’s approval of your decisions and your self-image. Enjoy your new freedoms as you can finally enjoy making your own decisions without penalty. Price: $27

Life Beyond WEIGHT I – II and III (3 Audio Set)
Benefits: Remove Weight from your Unconscious
Duration: Audio i – 53:26 mins. Audio ii – 53:00 mins. Audio iii – 56:49 mins.
Description: Feel better about yourself and work with your unconscious to remove excess weight by reducing your appetite for snacks. Price: $67

MONEY Beyond Limits
Benefits: Install a prosperous mindset for wealth
Duration: 50:38 minutes
Description: Install a prosperous mindset by removing the unconscious programming that stands between you and your prosperous future. Price: $27

MONEY FLOW Beyond Limits
Benefits: Align yourself to a wealthy money-flow consciousness.
Duration: 60:56 minutes
Description: This is our favourite of the money audios – “Life Beyond Money Flow” can help you feel calmer about money and this is at the core of all money manifestations. Find it easier to think about money in a positive way. Price: $27

PURPOSE Beyond Limits
Benefits: Discover your purpose and your passions.
Duration: 33:00 minutes
Description: Engage with a deeper level of purpose and help yourself to find your true purpose and passion for life. Price: $27

Benefits: Accept yourself and allow your confidence to climb.
Duration: 33:00 minutes
Description: Remove the barriers to fully accepting yourself for who are and who you can fully be. Align your mindset to your greater and most valued purpose. Price: $27

SELF-LOVE Beyond Limits
Benefits: Learn to love yourself without judgement and criticism.
Duration: 32:00 minutes
Description: Remove the barriers to fully loving yourself for who are and who you can fully be. Align your heart with your head and completely accept yourself for all you are and all you are possible to be. Price: $27

Benefits: Learn to love yourself without judgement and criticism.
Duration: 54:00 minutes
Description: Rebirth yourself to fully appreciate who you are and all you have done to be born. Rediscover yourself from multiple perspectives so that you truly come to appreciate yourself. Price: $27

SLEEP Beyond Limits
Benefits: Relax and move easily into peaceful sleep.
Duration: 1:00:00 minutes
Description: Gently move into a comfortable and relaxed state and gently fall into an energising, deep sleep. Price: $27

SPIRIT Beyond Limits
Benefits: Come to know your spirit and ascend into the 5th dimension.
Duration: 0:28:00 minutes
Description: Come to understand the 5 dimensional planes and discover how to ascend beyond the lower 4th dimensional thinking of most humans. Price: $27

SUCCESS Beyond Limits
Benefits: Discover how to build faith and trust in your success in any endeavour.
Duration: 0:27:00 minutes
Description: Come to trust yourself and employ the faith to follow your intuition and move beyond fear to find your highest level of success. Price: $27

Benefits: Reduce your fear of public speaking
Duration: 29:00 minutes
Description: You have a message in you that you know will help others – though for some reason, you’re not putting yourself out there. This purposefully written hypnotic induction is designed to diminish your fear of public speaking and invoke the great speaker within you. Let this program release the empowered inner orator. Price: $27

TIME (Management) Beyond Limits
Benefits: Improve your Time Management at the unconscious level

Duration: 51.32 minutes
Description: Improve your time management as you increase the value you place on time at an unconscious level. Listening to this audio it becomes easier to manage time and get more done in your day. Price: $27

TRUST Beyond Limits
Benefits: Increase the power of your intuition and trust yourself.
Duration: 0:30:00 minutes
Description: Remove fear of making the wrong decision and trust yourself much more by increasing your abilities to tap into your intuition. Price: $27

FAITH Beyond Limits
Benefits: Increase your level of faith and anything is possible.
Duration: 0:30:00 minutes
Description: Remove your programs of self-doubt and build a level of clarity and purpose in all that you do. Price: $27

Life Beyond PROBLEMS
Benefits: Reduce your fear and release your power to trust yourself.
Duration: 1:00:00 minutes
Description: This audio is designed to decrease your problems and your fear of the results of problems. Enjoy a new found power and peace of mind. Price: $27

Life Beyond Anxiety
Benefits: Relax your mind, reduce stress and calm anxiety.

Duration: 73.14 minutes
Description: This Audio Program is a brilliant breakthrough and helps by working firstly at the conscious level by providing some powerful insights as to how to overcome stress and then moves into an easy listening hypnotic soundtrack that lowers your anxiety responses and patterns while you sleep. Price: $27

WISDOM Beyond Limits
Benefits: Grow the wise, confident one within you.
Duration: 0:11:48 minutes
Description: Remove self-limiting ideas of who you are and everything you can be to unleash the wiser, confident one within you to the courage you know to be. Price: $27

Benefits: Increase your level of faith and anything is possible.
Duration: 0:35:00 minutes
Description: Remove your programs of self-doubt and build a level of clarity and purpose in all that you do. Price: $27

Life Beyond ADOPTED
Benefits: Move beyond feeling abandoned and come to know yourself as special.
Duration: 0:35:14 minutes
Description: This audio is designed to stop grieving over being adopted and start living. Enjoy a new freedom and calm courage. Price: $27

COMMUNICATE Like A Leader Beyond Limits
Benefits: Improve your ability to communicate like a leader. Enjoy a new found power and peace of mind.
Duration: 0:48:00 minutes
Description: This audio is designed to increase your desire to communicate and improve how you do that. Enjoy a new found freedom and calm courage. Price: $27

LEARN Beyond Limits
Improve your ability to learn and retain information you love. Enjoy a new found power and peace of mind.
0:40:40 minutes
This audio is designed to increase your ability to learn new information and retain what you learn more easily. Enjoy a new found mind power. Price: $27

Benefits: Increase your level of faith and anything is possible.
Duration: 0:35:00 minutes
Description: Remove your programs of self-doubt and build a level of clarity and purpose in all that you do. Price: $27