About R!k Schnabel

BIO: R!k Schnabel: Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer

He’s one of Australia’s leading transformational coaches. Coaches from all over the world respect his expertise and flock to be trained or mentored by him. He’s a master of the brain’s amygdala. When you’re looking for a behavioral expert with over 26,000+ coaching hours, R!k Schnabel turns the impossible into possible and ‘cant’s’ to ‘cans.’

Back in 2002, he was about to be fired and at the bottom of the sales ladder when he had an epiphany. It had him become the best sales person in the company’s history! He effectively untrained his own brain. Today, he’s a businessman, a leader, a mentor, an author, a coach with the transformative Life Beyond Limits. He coaches people to design their best life and ultimately live out their dreams.

A proud Dad of two daughters, he lives a healthy, balanced life and knows what a mindset shift can do for you. Since 2002 he’s been ‘UNTRAINING BRAINS.’ He’s proof that we can all live our dreams and he can help you too.


You can connect with R!k Schnabel via the following channels:

Email: rik.schnabel@lifebeyondlimits.com.au or phone: 0414 797 275

Website: www.LifeBeyondLimits.com.au or contact his office on 03 8669 1121

What R!k’s Client Say About Him?

“Thank you R!k for facilitating an amazing Coaching program with me. Many of our sessions are extremely memorable as I still reflect on some of the amazing ah-has and transformations.  R!k helped me accelerate the traction of my business so I could provide high standard Coaching to my clients with great momentum in my business. Thank you, Rik, for being so approachable and helping me turn my dreams into reality”  – Claire Chancellor, Women’s Empowerment Coach.

“If you have a problem, R!k Schnabel is your guy!” — Callum McNab, Creator and Coach, Magisterium Podcast.

“Whenever I am looking to master anything in my personal life, career or organisation, I always turn to the Master himself, Rik Schnabel.  He is a Master at not only keeping things simple and fun but making your new knowledge” — Samantha Pearce, Chief Culture Officer, MAI Group

“R!k is a genius in the mind space. He helped me to double my income!” — Vladimir Platil, sales executive, Melbourne, Australia

“Anyone who meets R!k for the first time will, like me, remember the meeting as a pivotal point in their lives or business” — Paul Dunn, B1G1 Chairman.

“R!k’s ability to turn dreams into reality is a gift rarely seen!” — Warren Frehse, Author and HR Leader.



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