YES! Creates opportunities, NO destroys them

It’s amazing how just one tiny, two letter word can stop a person in their tracks. You guessed it – that word is ‘NO.’ While NO stops us, YES moves us forward.

A courageous women attended our Speaking with Confidence course because she decided to stop saying ‘no’ and like Jim Carey in the movie “Yes Man,” started saying ‘yes’ instead. Her world evolved beautifully and magically as that powerful word increased her courage.Soon she was enjoying a bigger life and a much bolder one. Opportunities were coming at her like money falling from the sky. Soon her life was exciting and much grander than she could ever have imagined it. She quit her stressful job and started a career in coaching and has never looked back.

YES! Creates the opportunity for a BOLDER life

As a child we quickly learned that power word “NO!” We soon discovered that “NO” stopped us in our tracks and so we learned to control others with it. So it’s time we untrained our brain of that word and in it’s place, inserted its brave opposite. So here are some ways to do that.

What are you saying ‘no’ to that you know deep in your heart that you need to be saying ‘yes’ to?

  • Go out with those new friends tonight
  • Say yes to that new job offer
  • Go out on that date
  • Invest in your future
  • Do that Degree, Diploma or Course
  • Start that new business
  • Give that new hobby idea a go
  • Just say yes to something that your fear has you saying no.

Start the week on a high note. Say ‘yes’ to something today that scares you a little and holds the hope of progressing you a lot. It takes courage and focus to untrain your brain, and of course you have to ensure that you remain conscious of your thought patterns.

If you need more courage, check out ROAR! Courage

Go on, be courageous, imagine the possibilities.

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