Turn your disadvantage to advantage

butterfly circusCan we turn your disadvantage to advantage, really? As long as you can learn from your limitations, you will turn your world around.

Over the years I’ve coached and trained thousands of people and I can hand on heart say that those with the biggest obstacles are usually those with the greatest assets. Let me share a couple of stories with you and I will aim to advance your thinking in this context.

The first person who springs to mind is an ex-client of mine who became one of our coaches. She came to me because she so dearly wanted to play piano, but somehow couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong here. she could certainly play piano like a master, it’s just she couldn’t get her fingers on those ivories.

We eventually discovered that the reason for this had everything to do with her piano teacher. When my client was a little girl, she punished her when she hit those bum notes that we all do when learning. The punishment? She would hit her fingers with a cane and at one time she cut her nails so short that playing piano was painful. Soon my client developed an associated painful memory with the piano. The piano equalled pain. When we discovered this, we changed her memory and associations and she then turned her disadvantage to an advantage. She now coaches musicians to overcome painful associations with their craft. My client knew too well what pain can do. Her insights helped her to turn her disadvantage to advantage.

Is disadvantage a vital part of the road to success?

At some level, I believe that we are given our disadvantages and painful experiences to empathise and seek it’s opposite. So it’s almost as if we are intended to turn our disadvantage to advantage. Let me share my personal story.

From even before going to school, I experienced physical pain. I was punished by my mother with severe pain and I took on the victim archetype. So when I went to school, I sought out the bullies to match my victim. I didn’t do this consciously, there was something deep and unconscious about it. So I was often attacked, ganged-up on and punched up. That was my disadvantage.

Turning your disadvantage to advantage

Today, one of the tribes I stand for are the underdogs. I teach them how to turn their underdog traits to become the top dog. We start with our level one Career And Life Mastery (C.A.L.M.) program to help them get rid of their baggage from the past and many go all the way up to our Speaking with Confidence training. In essence, they go from helpless to become heroes! They turn their disadvantage to advantage.

Don’t ever think you are disadvantaged. It’s just an opportunity to find your advantage. Turn your disadvantage to advantage.

So lastly, I would like to leave you with a truly inspirational YouTube with Nick Vujicic – 20 minutes short, but worth the time…

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational video by Nick Vujicic.

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