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Imagine opening up your mind and putting every great thought in there. That's what this training is like.

Join a growing group of transformational entrepreneurs that have built a life of freedom. They transformed their own lives and now help others and generate healthy incomes.

Great to see you here!

Let me introduce you to our TRANSFORMATIONAL BONANZA! Imagine getting a complete transformational make-over where you learn how to massively improve your mindset. You can also inspire others to do the same – simply by being the best version of yourself. If you want to live your highest life, I have something really special for you.

If you want to remove all your self-sabotage psychology, uncover and dissolve all your neurological blocks and start dreaming like you’ve never dreamed before, I can show you how. If you are willing to, I can also show you how to become a person of influence as a coach or leader.

When you get access to the formula and templates, you will discover how you can instantly help yourself to improve all areas of your life. Plus, if you want to, you can help people all over the world with coaching, training, courses, books and much more. If you get that by helping as many people as you can to get what they want, helps you to get what you want? Then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

People have often asked me how I have made millions from teaching what I came to learn, and what I do in those courses to make them highly valuable and life shifting.

In these interactive, live and online courses that we have packaged for you, I’m going to share with you the exact system I use to create personal shifts in my life and how I  make my clients happy to continually invest thousands and thousands of dollars to get coaching from me.

Of course, you don’t have to coach or even teach what I teach – or you can. It’s all up to you. The important thing is that by mastering my proven transformational formulas and techniques your content and knowledge will become so valuable that you could make what I make, or more, if you wanted to.

Being a high selling transformational agent isn’t just about your sales and marketing, although that’s an important part of the process. It’s also about creating deep, insightful and immediate results for your clients and students. When they can quickly achieve results that they may not have believed were possible before they started working with you, you will come to be known as one of the most powerful transformational agents on Earth.

This complete program gives you all the tools and training you need to design, build and put transformational products and services online to create massive financial breakthroughs in your life.

Plus this program helps you to deliver enormous value into your clients’ and students’ lives.  You will walk away from this ultra-powerful program with the rare ability to reclaim your time and your life, and deliver insightful, helpful and for some, transformational content that helps your emerging tribe and perhaps even the world.

Ever Wonder If You’re Really Good Enough
To Be A Transformational Leader…?

I certainly did! I used to think I needed to have the perfect mind, millions of dollars, be super-productive and have perfect relationships in order to dare to call myself ‘successful’ let alone a ‘successful transformational agent’.

The truth is, I’ve been blessed with most of that ‘stuff’ now, but along the way I realized that you don’t need any of that to attract clients from all over the world.

It’s not how amazing your life is externally that people pay for: It’s how amazing your mindset and knowledge is INTERNALLY that attracts all of those things, and lets clients and students know that you’re the person who can turn their life or business around or at least, add value to their lives. I’m sure that together we can extract from you, something that you have that can be of a huge benefit to others.

So, how do you create the kind of incredible life and programs that makes you one of the most powerfully attractive people on the planet…?




Learn how to transform your own life and develop the skills to do it for others too - if you choose to.

Learn to Understand How Your Brain Works by becoming familiar with the real you – not the imprinted neural programs that were installed into your thinking when you were much younger (0-7 years). Understand how your brain works and harness it’s productivity and capacity. This is how you unlock your genius by understanding what triggers what. 

Discover how to Master Your Mindset by learning how to activate your success triggers. Find out what truly drives your ambition, your motivation and learn how to trigger productive behaviour. This can most often be responsible for career and success breakthroughs.

Become a Communication Master by learning the 4 types of brain processing models that have each of us speaking in unique ways. Discover how to speak to be engaging, inspirational and motivational. All the best orators and communicators in the world know these. It’s about time you knew them too.

Discover how to Re-Imprint a Memory, no matter how gruesome or traumatic, and turn it into transformational and evolutionary lessons that ascend you, calm you and make you much wiser than ever before. This has the power to remove trauma and nullify anger, sadness, guilt, shame, blame and fear. This is one our coaches most powerfully transformational tools.

Untrain Your Brain of debilitating, annoying and frustrating neurological programs that drive your behaviour. These modules are so powerful that you can collapse a phobia in just minutes. Once you learn these techniques and use them with clients, your word of mouth advertising will surge.



I smashed through the six-figure ceiling because of what I learned in this course!

I broke through the six-figure ceiling and now I’m earning more than I ever imagined I could, thanks to R!k and what I learned from him in this course. Action-takers always get more from life. Take action and enrol today. You’ll be so glad you did” – SAMANTHA PEARCE, CHIEF CULTURE OFFICER MAI GROUP.

If you want to excel in being a change agent or coach, Life Beyond Limits are always there for you.

“I found this course deep and insightful. Life Beyond Limits are always there for you. They want the best for their students and instill respect and dedication in all of us. If you want to excel in the field of NLP or Coaching, this is the right place. It’s nice to be taught by a training school that genuinely cares” – ALF GARCIA, NLP TRAINER, BUENA VISTA THERAPY, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA.

I dramatically improved my mindset and doubled my income from just one course. This one!

R!k helped me to more than double my income! I was so excited by results that I encouraged my entire family to do this program and thankfully they all did. This course can help you in any area of your life. It’s life changing!” – HECTOR OJEA, MD/GM CIMC VEHICLE AUSTRALIA P/L


Advance your mindset to millionaire status and get the strategies of millionaires.

To Find Your Purpose is to a millionaire like walking is to a child. Finding your purpose is key to making your first or next million. You will enjoy the WHY module where you discover how to find your own why because your why is what motivates millionaire behaviour. This is essential.

Discover The Most Profitable Actions of the richest people in the world. This digs deep into the mindset of millionaires and how they got there. Making a million dollars will no longer be a mystery.

Learn from our Millionaire Interviews where we ask them how they got started and elicit some key tips to get you on the road to millionaire mastery. You will hear from millionaires in real estate, authors, licensing, traders, self-development gurus and content creators.

Find out How Millionaires Think About Money and why they start their business from the ‘Cash Register.’ This is unique way to structure a financial goal that has you thinking strategically and financially – you’ll soon be thinking like a millionaire too.

Get our Million-Dollar-Webinar Template that is simple to follow and has made us millions of dollars again and again. Simply add your details and you will have a recipe for financial success that you can use again, and again, and again. This is another Power Key of our system to create your own Income Incubator and generate online courses that make you rich.

I’m free and enjoying a whole new level of income!

“Before doing this course I was stuck spinning my wheels trying to get into coaching. This got me past the fork in the road and helped me to flesh out my program. Now I’m easily producing content and it’s now my turn to enjoy a whole new level of income, and freedom” – MATT TAIT, FORK IN ROAD COACHING, QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA,, VI

When you change your beliefs and whole new world will open up to you and it was there all the time!

“You will be surprised at how many limiting beliefs you take on in life that are not your own. I now realise how my wealth beliefs were creating immense blocks in my life. I am having a ball smashing through those blocks. WOW! My world is continually transforming!” – NINA SHAYAN, BRAVE HEART COACHING, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA

When you change your paradigm of what is possible, look out, magic is coming!

“At first you expanded my paradigm of what is possible. Then you shifted my thinking and helped me to double my income!” – VLADIMIR PLATIL, SALES EXECUTIVE, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA


Discover how the world's best marketers use systems, structures and strategies to make it rain money.

Learn how to position your courses, coaching programs, consulting or anything for that matter to ensure that you meet your market where they are at. Follow our proven step-by-step process to finally get your marketing right.

Develop The Complete Customer Journey. Learn how to create a customer sales funnel that develops your customers and clients and ascends them along the road to ultimate success. This develops a win, win formula that grows your business while you grow your customers.

Learn How Write Juicy Copy That Is So Enticingly Desirable that clients enroll in droves from all over the world into your programs and line up to buy your products. Here you will learn some key marketing insights that you can use in your copywriting and advertising that will make a huge difference to your results.

Discover the “3 Levels of Trust” that you must rise to in order to have people buy from you. This is key in sales and gold in marketing. Here you will learn how to tick off the psychological buying triggers that typically increases sales by over 300 percent.

How to build powerful “Funnels” that takes your prospects along a logical, nurturing pathway. Here your prospects turn into customers and strong relationships are formed between sellers and buyers. This is one of the most respectful ways to sell.

You will be making more money as a professional coach and content creator.

“This course takes you by the hand, over every single step in delightful detail. Learn how to coach and create your coaching program. Plus how to build and market your products and programs. Even if you believe you are not good at the techie stuff and especially if you don’t have the financial resources right now. You will soon be able to produce income by sharing your knowledge all around the world and making money as a Coach!” – AKIKO KAWAKAMI, GET THINGS DONE COACH, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA.

I’m truly impressed with the content and delivery of this program. It’s solid gold!

“This is a truly amazing program that I recommend to anyone who wants to provide quality online training. This is much more than I expected and I am truly impressed with both the content and the delivery of the sessions. It is thoughtfully developed and delivers insights that can only come from someone who enormous experience and is clearly playing an A game. The regular sessions and Q and A’s allows me time to digest and act on the suggested steps and be ready to progress my programs each week” – CHOKMUN SOONG, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA

30 Day No Questions Asked Success or Your Money-Back Guarantee!

We believe that you will be more than fully satisfied with this exciting and complete program, that we include a complete 30 Day 100% Success or Your Money Back Guarantee. If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the program, then simply email us via and we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.

AUD$16,454 Now $2775
Get 83% Off – Click the Button Below BEFORE THE COUNTER STOPS!

or for just 12 Payments of $277 per month click here…

or for our 24 Payments of $195 per month click here…

Today, you can choose to get off the financial roller-coaster and start living your life on your own terms or you can get frustrated, wasting your time and energy trying to work this out for yourself.

But if you do nothing, be honest, what will your life continue to look like?

If you do nothing, how many of these are you likely to continue to experience? 

1. Working in a job you dislike that just pays the bills?

2. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” trying to keep your head above water?

3. Never being able to own a home, let alone buying that home that you dreamed of owning one day?

4. Continually fantasizing for Fridays and dreading Mondays?

5. Watching other people getting ahead, thinking to yourself, “Why not me?”

6. Avoiding feeling the truth deep inside of you that when it comes to retiring, you won’t be able to afford it?

7. Dreading all of those years of working before you can stop, relax and retire?

8. Hating yourself, because you’re spending more than you can afford, just to prove to others that you’ve succeeded, when you really haven’t?

9. Wondering if you’ll ever pay off those debts and be able to breathe?

10. You know you’re smart enough, but you’ve realised that you need more than intelligence to really make it?


Is It Time To Stop Kidding Yourself and Start Investing In Yourself?

When the timer runs out the discounts end.

What’s In The Life Coach + NLP Practitioner Training?

Introduction Welcome To The Program and useful ways to learn, and download the full manual.
1 The Filters Of Your Mind Where to focus for permanent change to occur.
2 Presuppositions of NLP Ethical, Moral and Philisophical guideposts of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
3 Representational Systems of Communication Learn the 4 styles of language that improve your communication to become understood.
4 The G.R.O.W. Model of Coaching Discover the world’s most popular corporate coaching system and get the script.
5 Your Coaching Rate How to set your coaching rate to get your first or next clients easily?
6 Neurological Levels (Dr. Robert Dilts) Discover a formula of change that can change a person at 6 levels.
7 Submodalities (Like To Dislike) Learn a system to create permanent change and change a food or drink from like to dislike.
8 Submodalities (Belief Change) Use submodalities to change a belief from true to untrue.
9 Rapport + Super Rapport Learn how to build deep level rapport with anyone.
10 Expanded Awareness, Sensory Acuity and Eye Patterns Improve your ability to learn and see how a person is thinking. This is super observation.
Christmas and Holiday Season Semester Break
11 Timeline (Change Your Past) Learn one of the world’s most powerful tools for change and advancement.
12 Timeline Tips Discover how to master Timeline as a therapeutic tool for change.
12A Timeline Demo Watch Timeline in action with R!k Schnabel and Nathan Segal.
13 Heirarchy of Ideas + Metaphors Discover how to shift your langauge and stories to help others change just by speaking.
14 Conversational Hypnosis Learn from Dr. Milton Erickson, the world’s conversational change agent.
15A Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
15B Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
15C Coaching Series (Live) Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
16 Strategies (Strategy Scrambler) All success and failures follow a strategy. Learn how to break an unsuccessful strategy: a phobia.
17 Strategies (Success Strategy) Discover how to build a successful strategy and install it into your brain.
18 Strategies (Memory Strategy) How do you learn? How can you improve how you learn and remember? This module is intriguing.
19 Anchoring I Discover how Ivan Pavlov created a Neurological Bridge and an autoresponse to a stimulus.
19B Anchoring II Change your state as quickly as snapping your fingers or clapping your hands.
20A Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
20B Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
20C Coaching Series (Live) Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
21 Collapsing Anchors Learn how to collapse a negative or unresourceful state.
22 Quantum Field Discover how to change a client’s frequency using your energy and words.
23 Cause Versus Effect Why we need to move ourselves and our clients from being at Effect and onto Cause.
24 Coaching Administration Systems Learn from R!k Schnabel’s coaching administrative session from inquiry to completion. Get the templates and systems.
25 Swish Patterns Find out how to alter a client’s identity and behaviour using visual imagery.
26 Fast Phobia Technique Discover a lightening fast technique for removing a phobic response.
27 Meta Model (Virginia Satir) Learn from the “Mother of Family Therapy” how to be specific in your language.
28 Parts Integration Learn a system to overcome a psychological conflict that collapses it.
29A Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
29B Coaching Series Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
29C Coaching Series (Live) Watch R!k Schnabel coaching and learn how he starts a session and succesfully resolves an issue.
30 Values and How They Effect Everything Discover how our values influence our lives and ultimately our destiny.
31 Marketing For Coaches Learn from R!k Schnabel’s marketing systems that has a 90 percent success rate. Get the templates and systems.
32 Hypnosis + George Estabrooks Let’s go deeper into hypnosis and learn from George Estabrooks model of deep, authoratarian trance.
33 Programs Versus Sessions Why, as a coach, it’s much better to build programs than simply show up for sessions. Discover how to design and build programs.
34 How To Protect Your Energy Field Coaching, like any therapy can trigger you empathically. Learn from Rebecca Spencer how to protect and clean your energy.
35 Graduation + Next Steps Congratulations you have graduated. What do you now do with your 3 accredited certifications?
1: NLP Practitioner Certificate
2: Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Certificate, and
3: Life Coach Certificate.

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When the timer runs out the discounts end.