The Business Of Life Coaching

Is your business where you want it to be?

You have graduated as a therapist, healer or coach or you have been practicing for some time now. You know what you’re doing when you have a client, the problem is however, that you don’t have enough of them. This program will fill that gap for you.

The lack of marketing, sales and administration knowledge is the number one reason practitioners fail. Unless you follow what the successful ones are doing. This program will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to become find a whole new level of success.

Learn from one of the world’s most successful veterans of coaching, R!k Schnabel who became a six-figure coach in his first year – back when most people still believed a ‘coach’ was a bus or the guy who yelled at his players from the sidelines. This program is complete and extensive.


The Business of Life Coaching includes 44 Instructional Training Videos That Help You to Turn Your Business Profitable!


In this special online training, you will learn what you need to do to start your business and to make it thrive, and meet your financial goals. Here’s what some of our graduates said…

I absolutely love that every step in setting up a coaching business is simply and logically explained. The necessary detail is included and the beauty is that you can refer to the videos as many times as you need! – Bruno Alcouffe – Self-Esteem & Confidence Expert


“The Business of Life Coaching gave me a significant shift that helped me to get clients. It’s a must have for every practitioner and I highly recommend this no-brainer investment! “ – David Gillman, Keystone To Success Life Coaching



“‘The Business of Life Coaching’ is a comprehensive program that covers all the essential elements when setting up your coaching business. It was great that it not only shared all proven knowledge, but also provided numerous templates, including agreements, questionnaires, etc. that we can use right away. All this in a professional and enjoyable format.”– Henning Kurz

This is now only $77 for the whole program!

You’ll save $1,220!

There has never been a program that is so complete. Enhance your skills by becoming a Professional Coach within your area of speciality and take your business to six or even seven figures – by following a proven and scalable system.

Discover how to price and package your offerings so that they are attractive and draw clients to you like a magnet.

You can help more clients, when you get more clients!

I’m enjoying the program immensely. It has helped me learn so much more and brush up on some techniques as well. I love it!” – Rosemary Anne Dugan, NLP Trainer and Coach, Western Australia.


You’ve probably seen R!k Schnabel in action working with clients. Acting based on what appears to be intuition, R!k focuses on a single point he uses to bring about massive change.

When he’s done, people are in tears, their life is changed, and very often, it’s only taken a few minutes. And people watching him work often think… “How is he getting that result?” Find out in this unique training.

This fills the gaps and therefore you gain a clearer understanding of the business of coaching. Life Beyond Limits are backed by a positive and helpful TEAM – that not only helps you to learn faster but progresses you on your journey through LIFE! Well done LIFE BEYOND LIMITS!” – Joseph Konestabo, Coach, Melbourne.

business of life coaching

What you’ll learn from this comprehensive and complete training:

You will graduate from this program knowing how to build your coaching business, taking it to six-figures and beyond. Plus you’ll learn the tips and tricks that only the world’s best coaches know – Why? Because you’ll be trained by R!k Schnabel who is one of them.

  • Learn how to position your offerings so that they become magnetic.
  • Follow a proven sales method that converts prospects to clients easily.
  • Find out how to build websites for free, in just minutes.
  • Uncover huge databases that are at your finger tips.
  • Get all the administration paperwork in soft copy, white label format.
  • Discover the corporate coaching system that the world’s best coaches use to ensure they get results for their clients every time!
  • Learn how to build rapport with your clients so that they trust you emphatically to help them with their biggest and most personal issues.
  • Gain the insights to reduce your fear of coaching and dramatically reduce your fear of putting yourself ‘out there!’
  • Get the confidence that you need to make coaching easy and simple.
  • Learn the pathways to position you and your coaching practice so that you turn client-getting into an art.
  • You will also learn the administrative structure so that you are crossing the T’s and dotting those necessary I’s to ensure you a compliant with all and any regulations. (Something that few coaching schools teach).
  • Discover the many ways that you can price your coaching and which prices work and which one’s don’t.
  • Find out how to read people deeper. Discover what body language and posture means so you can read a person’s non-verbal communication (it says everything about a person!)
  • Learn the “Expertise Pattern” so that you build yourself not only as brand, but as a ‘household name.’
  • Discover how to identify a client’s core issues with accuracy and frequency.
  • You’ll get everything you need to turn your coaching practice professional.
  • Plus much, much more!

Register today at this special discounted price instead of the usual price of $1,297 and you will receive the “Life Coach Business in a Box” bundle valued at $997. This gives you everything you’ll ever need and ever want as coach!

The Life Coach Business in a Box will help you to set up your coaching practice and gear it towards success by following R!k Schnabel’s proven system.


  • All coaching administration documents and systems, including:
  • Your client’s precoaching questionnaires
  • Coaching scripts and techniques
  • Learn how to build websites for free.
  • Uncover a huge database that is at your fingertips!
  • Get the Confidentiality agreements and coach/client agreements.
  • 77 NLP training audios, including 5 hypnotic audios to improve your memory, reduce negative-self-talk and embrace the leadership and coaching mindset.
  • The complete business structure that all successful coaches use.
  • How the life coach millionaires get their clients, including excerpts from R!k’s #1 best-selling book, “The Life Coach Millionaires.”
  • Marketing templates
  • Sales systems, scripts and templates, plus much, much more…