ROAR Courage – From Fear to Fearless

Courage is the essential ingredient to success, yet it eludes most.  ROAR Courage is achieved by anyone who understands the psychology and mindset of courage. Discover the real essence of courage and what most have missed.

This book has taken 10 years of psychological research and over 20,000 coaching and training hours. The author, Rik Schnabel, shares a courageous psychological breakthrough. These insights will have you become more intimate with a courageous mindset. Vanquish fear and anxiety forever as you discover how fear brings about fatigue, anxiety, stress and how it ages the fearful.

Within four chapters you’ll get the courageous edge

In the first four chapters of ROAR Courage, you will quickly gain a practical and a psychological edge. This will shift you from fear to fearless. Learn about the strange similarities between the addicted personality and the entrepreneur, and how you can use this formula to achieve anything you set your mind to. This alone makes fascinating reading.

ROAR Courage is a call to future leaders and heroes to rise above their limitations, redirect their addictions and step into the shoes of a leader. provides a transformational framework for you to empower yourself, your family and your community. It’s time to remove anxiety, stress, fatigue and fear, and start living your dreams. Sometimes we call a book into our lives and sometimes it calls us. Perhaps it is no coincidence you’re reading this right now.

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