NLP: The Road to a Rich Mindset

Do you have a rich mind?If you believe you are worthy of being rich, you will earn more; save more; and invest more. You, in essence, will have attained a rich mindset. While these words are easily typed, they are much harder to attain. Though with the right tools, anything is possible.

Check out our Rich Mind program.We often talk about the power of words, but did you know that your sentences, the words you use every day can give you a life sentence? Particularly when those words come from negative people. You listen to them with such regularity, that their words become yours.

When I was a little guy, with big eyes and big dreams, my parents were wise, the most resourceful people I knew. In fact, they were the authorities of everything worldly. After all, they had been around the block a few thousand times more than me. So I trusted their judgment, I lived off their advice. I believed every word they said. Some words were not so nice, but believable.

A rich mindset comes from our beliefs.

My mother had a belief system that sometimes didn’t serve me or her. She believed that children needed to earn their gifts and presents. She also believed in the saying, “spare the rod, we spoil the child.” So her gifts usually came sprinkled with guilt.

When my mother bought me a gift (which wasn’t often), it usually came with a sentence — “I bought you this, but you really don’t deserve it…” That sentence had a profound effect on me for most of my life, up until I learned Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and removed the associated beliefs, emotions and related neural connections. What was the effect? Let me explain it as simply as I know how.

I loved ice-cream. It was not often in our fridge, but when it was I would eat as much as I could. My bowls of ice-cream were usually over-flowing and it was soon all gone. My mother of course complained. Every time she bought a new tub of ice-cream she would say (yes, you guessed it), “I bought you this, but you really don’t deserve it…” Her sentence, sentenced me to a life of feast or famine. Anything that was worth something, came in to my life, just as quickly vanished.

Do you believe you deserve to have a rich mindset?

When I started working, I would get paid weekly and spend most of it over a week. Later in my life I learned to earn more money. I would make lots of money, but “I really didn’t deserve it,” so I would quickly spend it all. Do you get the picture? Does this make any sense to you?

Where other people might ‘savour’ their food, I ate like there was no tomorrow. Also, strangely I never valued material goods or perhaps I never valued myself. While most people would celebrate their achievements and their wins, I would show no excitement. Because “I really didn’t deserve it.” Instead of a rich mindset, I had a poor mind otherwise known as a ‘poverty mindset.’

People wrongly believe that their money issues are due to a lack of skill or ability when it is usually no more than a set of beliefs and their associated actions or non-actions which result due to low self-esteem. Your beliefs will do that.

NLP taught me how to change my beliefs. It was no surprise that my income more than doubled in just months. I altered my mind to become a rich mind. If this makes sense to you, it equally will make sense to you to seriously consider learning NLP for yourself. It will seriously change your life! I promise you that!

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