Trainer Training: Live Training in April 2021 with NLP Trainer Rik Schnabel

$448.00 / month for 12 months and a $500.00 sign-up fee

Dates: 19th to 25th of April 2021 (9am to 5:30pm)

Your Accredited Trainer: R!k Schnabel

Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Call Rebecca on (03) 8669 1121 to find out more or to get a BIGGER Discount by paying up front or email us on

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Dates: April 19th to 25th 2021

Your Accredited Trainer: R!k Schnabel

Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Do you have a big message to share? Do you dream of being a positive influence and role model to others?  People who, right now, are ready and eager to learn your knowledge in your unique way?  Whether it be to a small group or to the entire world, Life Beyond Limits Trainer Training will show you how to create any training you desire and give you the system to do it easily.

Build your very own training company

In just 7 days, we’ll show you how to become a charismatic trainer that not only gets results for their students but also creates a six-figure plus training company. We’ll even show you how we created our first million dollars and give you our secrets!

How to fill your training room with students

You will also learn how to create a system to generate leads and turn those leads into students. This knowledge and system is alone worth the full training fee.

Graduate as a fully qualified NLP Trainer

If you decide to combine this 7-Day Training, together with Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Training and our Master Coach & NLP Master Practitioner Training and Speaker Training means that you can be an NLP Trainer and apply to become an accredited trainer through the NLPAA (formally the ABNLP).

Get the systems, the training content, the slides, and more

All students will get all the files you need to start a training company including the manuals, slides, sales scripts and everything you need. In fact we’ll give these to you for up to a year to use to get you started, license free. This is worth over $50,000!


What you will learn…

  • Learn the strategic steps to create a multi-million dollar Training Company
  • Discover the all important tips to create a seamless and compelling training
  • Create ‘Win/Win/Win’ joint ventures to grow your business fast
  • Learn which person to choose for a demonstration so it works every time
  • Discover how to create supporting products that just keep selling
  • Follow the easy path to Designing and Preparing a Training (save hours of headaches!!)
  • Learn specific skills to “Look” and “Sound” like a professional
  • Learn how to become a charismatic Trainer, yes it’s a science!
  • Become an ‘Expert’ in your field, using our ‘sure-fire’ success system
  • Discover how you can create professional websites for under $100
  • Understand how to market your products and services successfully
  • Learn how to sell from the stage to turn even your talks into a huge business
  • Develop the skills to gain good media attention, and
  • Everything you need to know to train with ease…
  • Learn how to read your audience
  • Learn the all-important HOW to start or grow your Training business


Get a complete business in a box

The Bonuses you get with this Training are unparalleled, you Get…

  • All the PowerPoint slides to teach NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training
  • Two NLP Manuals in soft copy – NLP Practitioner and NLP Masters Practitioner
  • The complete set of NLP PreTraining Audio files to use and give to your students
  • All the forms you’ll need to register students and run your business
  • The all-important sales scripts and processes
  • The complete marketing system to grow your business into a six-figure plus business within 12 months!


Who this course is for:

  1. Speakers, Trainers and Life Coaches
  2. Sales Professionals
  3. CEO’s, MD’s, Managers and Leaders
  4. Teachers and Lecturers
  5. Empowered Parents
  6. Those who wish to share their message with the world

Internationally Recognised Training

This Training is nationally accredited and internationally recognized to provide the highest level of training possible. You will receive the following Certificate at the completion of the Training.

1. NLP Trainers Training Pt 2

To Find Out More and Get a BIGGER Discount by paying up front:

call Rebecca Spencer on (03) 8669 1121 or email us on


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