ROAR! Courage: From fear to fearless

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Cure fear with ROAR! Courage. This deeply insightful book delivers the science of success. Courage takes you to your next step, yet it eludes most. ROAR! Courage, however, can be achieved by anyone as you start to understand the psychology and mindset of courage. Discover the real essence of courage and what most have missed.

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Cure Fear with ROAR! Courage!

You might be asking can you cure fear with ROAR! Courage? The answer will be found in understanding what fear and courage truly are. While fear can stop you in every area of your life, courage cures fear and takes you to your next step. But how do you stop fear? Courage can be achieved by anyone, though you must understand the psychology of fear, to tame it. Discover the real essence of courage and what most have missed.

If you want to stop fear from stopping you, ROAR! Courage: From Fear to Fearless is the most definitive book on the topic. Discover how to make peace with fear and turn it into a courageous allay. To stop fear you must truly understand the neurology of fear and how to turn it into courage.

Upon reading ROAR! Courage you will come to understand how to cure fear with ROAR! Courage. You will learn how to stop fear and how you can influence courage using your posture, breathing patterns, changing thoughts from the past and ideas about who you are. More so, this is a workshop in a book to stop fear. You will learn how to make peace with fear and turn it into courage. How to cure fear with roar courage is a question that will be answered in great detail.

How Other Enjoyed Learning From ROAR! Courage

I purchased my copy this morning and haven’t been able to stop reading it. I feel it’s written in a way that it keeps my conscious brain busy (and interested) whilst ‘talking’ to my subconscious”- Paul Godden.

Started my career reading R!k’s books. They have given me the tools to get started, grow and get to where I am today. ROAR! Courage is a masterpiece of psychology; a fantastic blend of neuroscience, passion and talent. If you ever had the calling to change your life, start with this book.” – Scott Lawrence.

What is it that makes people have regrets at the end of their life? It is because they had more fear in them than courage to do the things they always dreamed of. The in this book is awesome! I not only got a clear understanding of why I have not done things because of my fears, but I have now got real tools to change it around. A powerful book that will change many lives. Thank you for writing it.” – Hamish Bayston.

Another excellent publication. I really like R!k’s style and I have attended a couple of his seminars and I found him very approachable and I relate to his style. He has given me much to think about and explore that I never would have known about without his depth of knowledge to bring it to my attention. I highly recommend all his books, particularly this one. Stop fear today” – Anwar

I have read all of Rik’s books and they are all brilliant. This one is no exception. The pearls of wisdom I have already gleaned have been priceless. Rik writes in a way that is both easy to comprehend, but challenging at the same time. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life this book will help you to rise above whatever is holding you back, and give you the courage to take a different and ultimately more rewarding path. Highly recommended!” – Mad Matt


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35 reviews for ROAR! Courage: From fear to fearless

  1. Estelle Frederick

    I’m ROARING all the way to the finish line. This book helped me to do what I never thought I could or would do. My new business is now launched and live! Thank you.

  2. Laura Rosen

    This book should be turned into a documentary. It’s so insightful and interesting.

  3. Julie Pink

    Best book I’ve ever read. It makes so much sense!

  4. Johenda Wilson

    Loved it.

  5. Pamela Dusberry

    Brilliant from beginning to end.

  6. Paula McKenzie

    If you’re scared of anything, my best advice is to read this book. I dare you.

  7. Shirley Cox

    I could not put this book down. Fascinating read.

  8. Zen Cabola

    In a world where fear reigns, this book is a beacon of light for all of us. Easy to read and entertaining to boot.

  9. Carol Skify

    It’s clear why this became an international best-seller.

  10. Barbara Hilliar

    One of the best books ever.

  11. Linda Bub

    Great reading and so insightful. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this before.

  12. Sven Escanom


  13. Dr Sundardas D Annamalay

    Before reading this book, there were many things I was a little afraid to do. My life felt like a half life. This book will cause you to be unstoppable in your life. A must read for anyone who wants real success in their lives.

  14. Kazkard Dagma

    Thanks, loved it +

  15. Kazkzrd Dagma

    A most excellent book that is both practical and inspirational. It’s the best book on being courageous and allowing success to come into your life that I have ever read. Simply brilliant!

  16. Julia Marx

    Simply astonishing! I can’t even start to describe the fear I had that was stopping me from starting my business, then I read ROAR! Courage and everything changed. Rick Schnabel makes so much sense in this book. This should be in every school library – actually in everyone’s library!

  17. Kaz Lew

    Cool +++++ I enjoyed it all the way to the end.

  18. Olga Yakovleva Karpman

    Superb! Brilliant! Transforming read.

  19. Scott Hewson

    This is the best book I’ve ever read. If you want more courage in your life or you want a bigger or better life? This book is a must!

  20. Daniel Freud

    I have searched for courage all my life and have a bookshelf of books on the subject. “The Courage Habit, Courage Is Calling, Daring Greatly, The Mountain is You, The Untethered Soul,” to name a few. But none of them went anywhere near the depth of ROAR! Courage. If you want courage and you want to understand how to go from fear to fearless? This book is it.

  21. Lloyd Purvis

    A majestic book and one that everyone should read. We can all do with more courage in life.

  22. Pedro Adelphi

    If there was ever a must have book. It’s ROAR!

  23. Jason Valley

    A miracle.

  24. David Wheasley

    There are books and there are books. This is a game changer.

  25. Ira Taund

    Well researched. A brilliant read.

  26. William White

    This is the kind of book that you never loan out to anyone because you’ll need to read it more than once. It’s filled with so much gold.

  27. Gordon Packer

    I used to be a scaredy cat until I read this book. Every teenager should read this book. It will prepare them well for a scary adult life.

  28. Martin Tiz

    A great read. It will stay with me forever.

  29. Sandy Charteur

    Another brilliant read by author R!k Schnabel. I particularly loved, “When War Language Wanes, Fear Diminishes.”

  30. Byron Frederick


  31. Brett Cristo

    One of the best books ever! Loved it.

  32. Jeremy Falk

    If you have a new idea or you’re heading in a new uncharted direction, then this book is for you. I felt amazingly courageous after reading.

  33. Thomas Kerby


  34. Clemmie Benedict

    If you’re an entrepreneur or business person who wants to grow their business or venture, or you want to scale that corporate ladder. This is your book.

  35. Bruce Tottenham

    Brilliant prose and most helpful.

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