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Start Date: Anytime.

Trainer: R!k Schnabel.

Training Location: OFA (Online From Anywhere)

Duration: 90 Online Modules over 90 days

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A Richer Way To Think can be Learned – Normally $497 – Today $7


This Rich Mind program will over 90-days, educate you. It will stretch your thinking to inspire you to bring out the best in you. If you’re wanting more from life but just can’t seem to make it happen, then this program is perfect for you. If you need more hope, positivity and prosperity in your life or you just need to smile more – then rest assured, we have it all inside of this program.

A richer way to think comes from a belief system and neural pathways that lead you to opportunity create the sort of life that excites you. Sure, it’s helped people to become wealthier, but it’s not just about wealth or being what most people think as ‘rich.’ Rich is to feel more joy and love in your life. Rich is to be able to create the sort of life that you’ve always, deep inside, really wanted for yourself. It’s no mistake that the richest people in the world think differently to most. They think richly.

This online program delivers each day into your email inbox, rich content to help you to feel more joy and to discover what happiness really means, for you.

It’s a different way to think. It’s a Richer Way To Think.

I know you’ve been negative and have allowed your emotions to take you down paths that you probably preferred not to explore. I know, I’ve been there too.

Though back in 2002, I learned some life-shifting things that took my life out of the depths of gloom and into a brave new world. It wasn’t my thinking that took me into that world. It was how I thought and in this program I am going to teach you how to think yourself rich. I even wrote a book about it called, A Richer Way To Think.

For some, you’ll want to turn your focus towards increasing your income and that’s a great place to start. But harnessing your Rich Mind is much more than improving your financial position. It’s also about adding a richness to your relationships, your health and your career or business. While NLP helped me to enrichen my mind, it was in developing unique techniques that changed my financial future.

A Rich Mind is a way of thinking that is not limited by it’s beliefs, values and nor is it shackled by mere logic. Building an online bookstore back in 1994 was not logical, yet Amazon did and today is worth US$430 billion.

A Rich Mind is being courageous to do the unthinkable, even when your critics are telling you, you’re mad. Crazy. A lunatic. Back in 2009, Steve Jobs narrated the Apple commercial celebrating the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. Jobs himself, was all of those. They allowed him to harness and express his Rich Mind. Apple today is worth US$900 billion.

Initially, a Rich Mind liberated me from a AUD$70,000 debt and into a six-figure income. I was working in sales at the time and went from the guy at the bottom of the sales ladder right to the top in just 3 months. After a year of practicing what you are about to learn, I was earning more than our then Prime Minister, John Howard.

Today, I live where I want to live on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast. I work when I want to work (yes, I still love what I do) and I work with whom I like to work with. I have a wonderful family and everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m healthy. I’m happy and I know I’m rich.

Let me show you how to upgrade your thinking and turn it Rich!

What you get in this Rich program…

  • This program includes videos, audios, books and inspirational emails that get delivered to your inbox every day for a full 90-Day Rich Neural Reset
  • Three hours of the most advanced goal getting programs;
  • A Rich Mind manual that outlines the process so you can follow a success formula
  • Secrets to manifestation that you won’t find elsewhere!
  • Get the all important, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the science of manifestation
  • Multiple neural reset audios that shift how you think about success and money
  • Discover how to reduce Anger, Sadness and Negative Self-Talk. Negative emotions do affect our outcomes.

I’m happy and I know I’m rich.

What others said about our Rich Mind Program…

Rich Mind opened my eyes and then my mind. It helped me to excise some demons and I’m manifesting more and better than ever. It’s like I have found a key and all the lock tumblers have fallen into place. A new door has opened,” – Mark Noble, Real Estate guru.


Rich Mind helped me to stay positive and aware. It was great to get a Motivational, Inspirational, Uplifting, Informative or Inspiring Email every day for 90 days along with simple exercises to complete. I loved it!”– Colin West.

So if you have ever wondered how hugely successful people come to be that way – enrol for Rich Mind today and start learning how to think Rich!

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