Life Coach & NLP Practitioner: Melbourne Live Training October 2021 with NLP Trainer Akiko Kawakami


Dates: October 2021 – 10-13 and 15-18.

Your Accredited Trainer: Akiko Kawakami

Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia


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Dates: October 2021 – 10-13 and 15-18.

Your Accredited NLP Trainer: Akiko Kawakami NLP Trainer

Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Course Summary: Life Coach & NLP Training is like no other training or workshop you have ever experienced. Expect a personal transformation.  Because you will learn how to transform other people and so will learn how to transform your own life. This is a Nationally Accredited and Internationally Recognised Gold Standard Live Training. 

Your in safe hands with our NLP Trainer, Akiko Kawakami. On Completion of this course you will be certified as an NLP Practitioner and The NLPAA provides the highest possible standards in AustraliaEriksonian Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach. Because our NLP certifications are Nationally Certified and Internationally Recognised by the Neuro Linguistic Programming Association of Australia Inc. (NLPAA) your skills will be internationally recognised. The NLPAA is a globally recognised association because of their highest possible standards here in Australia.

As well as transforming your own thought patterns and being able to do this for others, you will be recognised for your desirable skillset. You’re backed by a certification that means something. This adds something special to your resume and qualifications. Our NLP system, delivery and program are known around the world for it’s rigorous standards, benchmarks and code of ethics. Giving you, peace of mind that you’ll receive the highest quality training, with an internationally recognised certification. Most of all you’ll enjoy the best skills as an NLP practitioner, that you can get!


NLP Trainer Akiko Kawakami, will help you to enjoy a personal Transformation


Our students enrol because of our accreditation, reputation and standards. Plus, all students quickly enjoy a personal transformation. You will discover how to literally ‘UnTrain’ your brain of what no longer serves you in your life and re-train it match your career and life goals.  You will weave NLP into the fabric of who you are, so ultimately changing the way you think, feel and act forever. NLP Trainer Akiko Kawakami will take you to new heights of achievement because she’s world class.

Our promise is that this is the best course you will ever complete.

What you will Learn

  • Remove the core beliefs and patterns that stop you from achieving your desires and dreams
  • Increase Your Charisma by discovering the four styles of communication and improve your language so that everyone can not only understand you but also improve relationships in an instant.
  • Be a Master of Success by learning the “5 Principles for Success” and how to create success patterns in your life and career that work
  • Learn how to Model Success Strategies as you discover the art of unpacking a strategy so that you can model any successful behavior and install it into your neurology – this is often where the greatest successes are found in this course
  • Dramatically Improve Relationships by mastering the art of rapport
  • Improve your Memory and recall names and events in an instant
  • Learn Easily and Effortlessly with one simple insight that will improve your ability to absorb information in a logical and powerful way
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs that cause unconscious self-sabotage patterns in your life
  • Remove Negative Emotions including sadness, anger, blame, guilt and fear that cause failure patterns in your career and relationships
  • Shift your Emotional State in an instant with a powerful insight that you will use for the rest of your life just by snapping your fingers
  • Intercept Other People’s Thought Patterns by understanding what their eye patterns mean
  • Remove any phobia or fear within minutes
  • Learn the art of Hypnosis and why people are in trance 95% of the time
  • Become a master communicator and why people (need rest of sentence)
  • Discover your preferred Communication System and how to use it to become understood by others
  • Learn the Art of Asking More Powerful Questions for better outcomes
  • Change Your Life Story to regain your control of life and your results
  • Master the World’s Most Powerful Coaching System for yourself and others
  • Learn Conversational and Deep Level Hypnosis so you can reprogram your unconscious to empower your success mindset
  • Design Your Destiny using all the NLP tools for success

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