Money Mastery Global Online Training


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ONLINE TRAINING: This online program is how you develop Money Mastery and over 30-days, it educates you. Stretches you. Inspires you to bring out the best in you. If you’re wanting more from life but just can’t seem to make it happen, then this program is perfect for you.


Money Mastery is an online program that teaches you how to think about money and shape your financial life in ways that will help you to ascend through the 3 levels of money mastery.

The 3 Levels of Money Mastery

The first level of Money Mastery is developing the skills to create income in the first instance. Most working adults have already achieved the knowledge at this level, though few know how to get to the higher degrees and earn more – other than via promotion; be it in your job or business.

The second level of Money Mastery is found in the area of savings. Where can you save more and what does that actually mean in dollar figures? One clue – one dollar saved is not one dollar gained, but more.

The third level of Money Mastery is earning the right to risk and invest and if you can graduate from the first right up to the third level, you can double, triple and even ten-tuple your money.

The program’s creator, R!k Schnabel came from a poor family and learned how to become a multi-millionaire the knowledge that you will learn in this program. His rags to riches story was recently picked up by Fairfax News.

Today, he lives on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast. He works when he wants to and with whom he wants to, where he wants to. That is true freedom. He has a wonderful family and everything he’s ever wanted. He’s healthy. He’s happy, he has a R!ch Mind and believes in Money Mastery.

What you get in Money Mastery…

  • A full 90-Day Rich Neural Reset
  • How to turn your Passions in Profit
  • Discover how to Plan for Wealth and create a full strategic proven plan
  • Proven Strategies to Reduce Debt that work fast
  • The Secrets of the Rich. Learn that ONE Dollar doesn’t always equal ONE dollar (this will surprise you)
  • Reset your Thinking to shift and improve how you think about money
  • Create a Profitable Sideline. Discover specific strategies that help you to create other passive streams of income.

So if you have ever wondered how hugely successful people come to be that way – register for Money Mastery today and start learning how to think and ACT like the Rich!

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