Life Coach and NLP Practitioner Online Training


Start Date: Anytime.

Trainer: R!k Schnabel.

Training Location: OFA (Online From Anywhere)

Duration: 51 Videos over 152 days

This is the most comprehensive and complete online Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Training available in the world.


Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Online Training can be enjoyed whenever you like from wherever you like!

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Online Training with Life Beyond Limits is like no other training you have ever experienced before.  You will learn how to transform other people while you transform your own life and it’s just like our live training – only you can do this entire training from the comfort of your own home.

You will discover how to ‘UnTrain’ your brain of what no longer serves you in your life and re-train it to what does .  You will weave NLP into the very fabric of who you are, ultimately changing the way you think, feel and act forever.

Our promise is that this is the best course you will ever complete.

Is it Possible to Double Your Income or Smash Through Your Limiting Beliefs?


“This course helped me to more than doubled my income! My entire family have now done this program and it’s simply life changing!” – HECTOR OJEA, Managing Director/GM for CIMC Vehicle Australia Pty Ltd


“This course is life changing! I now realise how my beliefs were creating immense blocks in my life. I am having a ball smashing through those blocks. WOW! My world is continually transforming!” – NINA SHAYAN, Owner at Brave Heart Coaching


“Life Coach & NLP Practitioner helped me to break through the six-figure ceiling and now I’m earning more than I ever imagined I could!” SAMANTHA PEARCE, Chief Culture Officer at MAI Group


What you will Learn in Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Online Training


  • Remove the core beliefs and patterns that stop you from achieving your desires and dreams
  • Increase Your Charisma by discovering the four styles of communication and improve your language so that everyone can not only understand you but also improve relationships in an instant.
  • Be a Master of Success by learning the “5 Principles for Success” and how to create success patterns in your life and career that work
  • Learn how to Model Success Strategies as you discover the art of unpacking a strategy so that you can model any successful behavior and install it into your neurology – this is often where the greatest successes are found in this course
  • Dramatically Improve Relationships by mastering the art of rapport
  • Improve your Memory and recall names and events in an instant
  • Learn Easily and Effortlessly with one simple insight that will improve your ability to absorb information in a logical and powerful way
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs that cause unconscious self-sabotage patterns in your life
  • Remove Negative Emotions including sadness, anger, blame, guilt and fear that cause failure patterns in your career and relationships
  • Shift your Emotional State in an instant with a powerful insight that you will use for the rest of your life just by snapping your fingers
  • Intercept Other People’s Thought Patterns by understanding what their eye patterns mean
  • Remove any phobia or fear within minutes
  • Learn the art of Hypnosis and why people are in trance 95% of the time
  • Become a master communicator and why people (need rest of sentence)
  • Discover your preferred Communication System and how to use it to become understood by others
  • Learn the Art of Asking More Powerful Questions for better outcomes
  • Change Your Life Story to regain your control of life and your results
  • Master the World’s Most Powerful Coaching System for yourself and others
  • Learn Conversational and Deep Level Hypnosis so you can reprogram your unconscious to empower your success mindset
  • Design Your Destiny using all the NLP tools for success


NLP Practitioner online training is like no other training. It’s logical, practical, transformational and now that it is available online – it’s convenient!


Our NLP Practitioner Online Program includes 51 Video Training Modules


Video 1: Welcome & What’s In Store For You?

Video 2: Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Live Intro

Video 3: Logical Levels Therapy (Robert Dilts)

Video 4: The 7 Filters of The Unconscious

Video 5: Submodalities (Like To Dislike Demonstration)

Video 6: Rapport

Video 7: Expanded Awareness

Video 8: Sensory Acuity

Video 9: How Are You Going So Far?

Video 10: Sensory Acuity Review

Video 11: Eye Patterns

Video 12: Representational Systems

Video 13: Beliefs And How To Change Them?

Video 14: Hypnosis And Introduction To Metaphors

Video 15: Presuppositions of NLP

Video 16: Hypnosis And Metaphors Continued

Video 17: Hypnosis And Suggestibility Tests

Video 18: Hypnosis And Metaphors Recap.

Video 19: The Wheel Of Life

Video 20: Hierarchy Of Ideas And Metaphors

Video 21: Strategies – How To Improve Your Memory

Video 22: Coaching Questions

Video 23: Timeline

Video 24: Timeline Demonstration

Video 25: R!k Schnabel’s Coaching Tips

Video 26: Strategies

Video 27: Strategies – Second demonstration

Video 28: Swish Pattern

Video 29: How R!k Started His Coaching Business & $50K Challenge

Video 30: The 5 Principles of Success

Video 31: The 7 Keys To A Successful Outcome

Video 32: Fast Phobia Model

Video 33: Strategy (Revision from The Business of Life Coaching #9)

Video 34: Hypnosis and States

Video 35: Enrolling Your First Client (The Business of Life Coaching #31)

Video 36: Anchoring

Video 37: Cause and Effect (The Business of Life Coaching #4)

Video 38: Stacking Anchors

Video 39: The Meta Model (Language of Specificity)

Video 40: Parts Integration (Resolving Conflicts)

Video 41: Parts Integration (The Process and Induction)

Video 42: Linguistic Presuppositions

Video 43: Stop It (How To)

Video 44: Getting Clients (Revision from The Business of Life Coaching #17)

Video 45: Where to From Here and Submitting Your Assessment?

Video 46: NLP Master Practitioner

Video 47: How To Leverage Your Coaching with Public Speaking

Video 48: Millionaire Master Academy – Video #1 – Your WHY

Video 49: Millionaire Master Academy – Video #18 WV#1 – Business

Video 50: Untrain Your Brain with R!k Schnabel

Video 51: Wrap Up and Apply for your Certification


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Hi I’m interested in this course but need to know what qualification / certification I will receive on completion and if it is accredited?



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