Brain Untraining with R!k Schnabel (6 Sessions)


Get 6 Coaching Sessions with R!k Schnabel

R!k is the coaches coach and he’ll not only coach you, he’ll mentor you to success. Anyone who knows the value of working with a great coach, and more-so, a Brain Untrainer, will know that purchasing this program is a career and life defining moment. R!k is arguably Australia’s best.

This is one of the best financial decisions you’ll ever make! 

This program runs for 6 months and sessions are up to one and a half hours (allow for 2 hours in the first session).  If R!k can’t help you, chances are no-one can. Prepare to get excited because your life is about to impressively improve.


Coaching with Rik is an Investment in Your Future


If 90 percent of success is due to mindset, then it makes good sense to appoint a coach who is a mindset specialist. R!k Schnabel is known as Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer for good reason. He gets results for his clients.

Coaching with Rik has helped thousands of people all over the world to improve their lives by changing the data points that are within their neural pathways. He has helped individuals and teams to remove self-sabotaging patterns and build strategies that make superlative results possible.

If you have anxiety, depression, PTSD or you just can’t work out why you’re not achieving that evasive goal of yours – then please know that these are all temporary and R!k can untrain your brain of these patterns and programs. When you get coaching with Rik it is an investment in your future.

“After a breakup my world came crashing down and I no idea what to do to get myself into a great space again. So I turned to R!k Schnabel for coaching. In less than an hour, my world immediately felt more colourful and alive than ever! It was exactly what I needed. He gets super fast results” – RAYMOND ABELLA, GRAPHIC DESIGNER

R!k is the coaches coach and he’ll not only coach you, he’ll mentor you to success. Of course anyone with a brain will know this, and anyone with an NLP-trained brain knows the value of working with a great coach and R!k is arguably Australia’s best.


Coaching with Rik is one of the best financial decisions you’ll ever make!


Once you commit to his coaching, the first thing that you will enjoy is a chat with R!k to work out your needs, to design the best program for you and determine what measurable points will reveal your progress and ultimate success.

“Whenever I am looking to master anything in my personal life, career or organisation, I always turn to the Master himself, Rik Schnabel.  He is a Master at not only keeping things simple and fun but making your new knowledge stick” — SAMANTHA PEARCE, CHIEF CULTURE OFFICER, MAI GROUP.


When You Get Coaching with Rik, You Get Value


Each session runs for up to 1.5 hours and if you’re using this to grow your coaching or training business, then expect to get lots of fast-track tips. A regular comment by R!k’s clients is they are blown away by his extensive knowledge of success strategies and how he is able to help them reach the previously unreachable.

“R!k is a genius in the mind space. He helped me to double my income!” — VLADIMIR PLATIL, SALES EXECUTIVE, MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA.

When you work with R!k Schnabel as your coach or mentor, you are not working with an ordinary coach. To even call him a ‘coach’ is a vast understatement. He’s run advertising agencies and broken company benchmarks to reach new heights. His creative problem solving abilities are without peer. His clients are amazed at his perception. He can see their sticking points and their blind side.

“R!k’s ability to turn dreams into reality is a gift rarely seen!” — WARREN FREHSE, AUTHOR, HR LEADER, RADIO PERSONALITY.




Rik changed my life and my approach in the way I work in business. I am grateful to have experienced and learned from his wealth of knowledge and highly recommend R!k as a leader in his profession – AMANDA McInerney, SALES LEADER.




Would You Like Coaching With R!k?


Here are 3 ways to contact Rik and to get into his diary.

MAIL: If you have any other questions about R!k’s coaching – why not email him directly via: or call him on 0414 797 275.

PHONE & PAYMENT PLANS: Need to arrange a payment plan – call Rebecca Spencer on 03 8669 1121 or email her on

GET INTO HIS DIARY: If you would like to book a time to chat with R!k, you can access his diary right here.

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