Become a Life Coach: Could it be your door to happiness?

life coachHave you ever considered adding another highly-sought skill to your resume? What about a life coach qualification?

Our personalities provide clues to help us to find the perfect vocation. While ‘project’ people are best working on tasks, ‘people’ people (you know who you are) need to work with others to become fulfilled. I learned this about myself eventually and quickly discovered that this was my door to happiness.

If you’re someone like me who enjoys helping or guiding others or you enjoy solving problems, then adding life coach to your skill set could be your next career move? Would you also like to develop yourself beyond your current limitations? Would you like more from life or to make a difference in a friend’s life? Then perhaps a career as a life coach is for you – the timing is perfect and I’ll explain why.

Imagine if you learned to remove any blocks that limit your life and knew simple techniques that help others to do the same, the opportunities become endless – could that stir your heart or have you consider a better way of living or working?

What if the cost of the course was so attractive, that after completing the course – your first 20 coaching sessions payed for the entire course (that’s if you get in before the early bird rates close)? What would your life look like, if you kept your current job and coached for just two hours a day, for five days a week? Did you know that you could earn $100,000 plus, part-time! Though please, don’t make this choice just because of the money. I’ll give you an immediate heads up here. Making decisions based on money or fear is usually the wrong decision. Do it because at some level, it excites you to be a life coach.

I have been a commercial life coach and business coach since 2003. It’s the most rewarding career that I have ever enjoyed. In previous careers, I can recall colleagues saying, “Slow down dude, we’re not saving lives!” However as a life coach we are literally making a significant difference to people’s lives and in some cases, we are actually saving lives!

I have never been happier in my life as a life coach. Though, I never thought I could eclipse the joy that I feel when I coach – until I became an accredited NLP and Life Coach Trainer. I so love training coaches and life coach trainers. Particularly coaches who feel they have a mission or a vision to make the world a better place – and of course we know there are lots of ways to do that.

Some coach in the health space, while others help in the wealth or the career space. You could specialise in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety or depression among numerous other niches. Let’s face it, there are so many people who could do with your help.

There are 160,000 clients that need your help as a life coach.

Based on the current number of accredited coaches worldwide, there are 160,000 clients for every one coach! Though understand that it’s a people business and not for the fainthearted. As you go through your training, you will learn so much about yourself and you will also grow many aspects of yourself. I personally grew in two areas at first; my wealth and relationships. Later I improved my health and fitness. Which area would you like to improve and grow? Perhaps that will become your specialty?


Now, if you don’t care much for people, STOP! Don’t go any further.

life coachWhen you coach someone, you place yourself in a position of trust. I am looking for people who are prepared to not only earn that trust, but also to elevate themselves and so elevate their clients. I am looking for people who truly want to help other people to shine. And I mean people who don’t just say it – but people who are prepared to live their word. If you want to be a successful coach, you must walk your talk and you’ve got to do what it takes.

Seriously. The cost of our coaching course will be returned to you in your first 20 coaching sessions – though I’m not looking for people who want a bargain or just a Coaching Certificate. I want people who are committed to making a difference. And if this is not you. Thank you for your honesty, but go no further. For me personally, my clients are so precious to me that I cannot give them someone who just wants a job.

I so want them to reach their dreams and I’ll do anything to help them to make it a reality. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have clients that were once broke that now have more money than ever before. Clients that were depressed that have now found joy. Clients that smoked, who now don’t – I’ll teach you how you can stop smokers smoking in under 3 hours. But don’t even consider hitting the link below unless you really desire to help others. And I mean DESIRE. Because those that desire, I would love you to become part of Life Beyond Limits – and I’ll talk to you to discuss this opportunity at our nlp and coach training. All our coaches are more than just life coaches, each have learned the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This puts them in a class of their own. This course alone usually costs up to $30,000. But for under $6,000, I will train you to this level. Why? Because I choose to train exceptional coaches and help them to build exceptional businesses.

Now I hope I’m talking to you; a person who genuinely loves to help others. Because anything less than this is ‘shallow coaching’. And frankly, I must be honest with you, I can’t stand shallow coaching. How can you sleep at night knowing you didn’t do your best for someone you care about. Because I only want people who care about people – there is too much indifference in the world. I want people who want to die knowing they made a difference to at least one person’s life.

Todate, I know that I have saved at least 8 people’s lives – now I know that is not a huge amount of people, but every person counts and I feel good about the fact that if I died tomorrow, I feel I made a difference. I know I’ll save more and each person I teach coaching to, leverages that. But coaching isn’t always about saving lives. In most cases, its about empowering lives. These people are not suicidal, but on the verge of success looking for guidance.

I’ll show you how to help them to find that guidance. In fact, if you don’t want to be a coach but want to know how to remove the limitations from your life and succeed more often, I can show you how to do that too.

You get a coach not because you have a problem, but because at some level you know you are capable of more – and in this amazing course, you’ll learn how to be more successful than you ever imagined was possible. So is this course for those who just want to coach. No. If you want to learn how to love life and teach others to love life too – this is the course for you. Also if you are in sales – this course will dramatically expand your results because you will learn how to build deep level rapport with anyone within 30 seconds!

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