Life Beyond Limits Affiliate Program

Would you like to earn training dollars by simply letting people know about Life Beyond Limits Training programs?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to buy the significant people in your life that special something? Or wouldn’t it be awesome if you could treat yourself now and again too? We’ll we can help and we’re ecstatic about our new and exciting program that allows you to do just that.

Over the years we have gained so much from many of our clients and students who have been touched by what we do and have referred more people to benefit from our offerings. We thought it was time to reward them.



Welcome to the Life Beyond Limits Affiliate Program where just by recommending friends and relatives to join us at any of our Public Events such as Breakthrough Beyond Limits and should they choose to accelerate their lives by choosing to train with us by choosing to enjoy our: –

  • Life Coach And NLP Practitioner Training
  • Master Coach And NLP Master Practitioner Training,
  • Speaker Training
  • Trainer Training or
  • Life Coach Training

We will gladly pay you $300 Training Dollars on completion of their training. You can use your $300 Training Dollars towards any of our the trainings listed above.

Life Beyond Limits is dedicated to making a profound impact firstly in Australia by giving individuals and organisations the skills, attitudes and mindsets to turn their boldest visions and intentions into realities and results.

If you would like to fast-track your Affiliate Registration, simply register by using the panel below…

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Does it cost anything to join?


It costs nothing at all.

Becoming an Affiliate with Life Beyond Limits is FREE and SIMPLE! Just complete the form by clicking on the link below and your own unique Affiliate Tickets will be posted out to you. You can now promote your Affiliate Tickets to your friends, clients and family and you can “share in the wealth” earning commissions through Life Beyond Limits! Upon payment and completion for any of our NLP Trainings (as listed above), you automatically receive your $300 Training Dollars which you can use for any of our trainings (as listed above).


How Do I Join?


To become an Affiliate Member of Life Beyond Limits and refer others to our workshops, seminars and special trainings, please complete the form below. Upon submitting your application, you will instantly become an Affiliate and start earning $300 Training Dollars! Simply complete your details below and start “sharing the wealth!” It’s just 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Register as an Affiliate using the Affiliate Registration Form (above).

Step 2: You’ll receive a confirmation email and a promotional email – promoting our next event. This email will include your special Affiliate Number (which is unique to you) and you can forward it to your friends, family and colleagues inviting them to come to the event Free of charge – as your guest.

Step 3: You’ll also receive Leadership & Life Mastery Tickets with unique codes (which are unique to you) and you can hand them to your friends, family and colleagues.

It’s that simple.

So step one – is register below…


How do I earn $300 Training Dollars?


Simply refer our training programs to your friends, colleagues and your family so they can enjoy the benefits of transforming their lives.

What are “$300 Training Dollars”?

$300 Training Dollars” are a cash gift to you for referring business to us.


As an Affiliate, when do I earn my “$300 Training Dollars“?


Upon the funds effectively transferred over into the Life Beyond Limits account, we will contact you for your current bank account number and BSB number and transfer the “$300 Training Dollars“.


What Are the Benefits?


Not only do you get to attend our Leadership & Life Mastery Days for Free, Plus, for simply giving tickets to your friends, family and colleagues, you will receive $300 Training Dollars for anyone that attends our Workshops and Trainings. In Summary, Here are the Benefits: –

  1. Receive “$300 Training Dollars” for simply handing out tickets
  2. Attend our Leadership & Life Mastery Days for Free – save $495 per person.
  3. Exclusive access to live tele-classes with Rik Schnabel.
  4. Special recognition and rewards for Top Performing Affiliates.

How Do I Start?


Simply complete the Affiliate Registration Form (Above).

Thank You

In advance, I would like to thank you for your sincere interest in helping others by helping us to spread the word about our Accelerated Training and Development Programs such as NLP, Coaching and Life Beyond Limits.

Warmest Wishes






Rik Schnabel

Director of Training and Coaching

Life Beyond Limits Pty Ltd



Please Note: $300 Training Dollars  can only be attributed to only one affiliate and affiliates can only earn $300 Training Dollars once for each person they refer. An affiliate will not be paid more than once on any individual attending Life Beyond Limits NLP Training courses and should an affiliate have payments outstanding with Life Beyond Limits, the $300 amount will first come off an affiliates outstanding payments.