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The Top 5 Relationship Myths That Keep You From Enjoying a Healthy and Happy Relationship


A happy and healthy relationship comes from getting beyond societal rules – many which are frankly myths. Too often, our relationships are judged and executed by outdated concepts. Australia’s relationship expert, Matt Glover dispells the top 5 relationship myths and shares some relationship insights that every couple should watch.

Please enjoy with our compliments these educational videos to help you to understand the myths that have many couples spiralling out of their relationship. Once you understand how to avoid these all-to-common traps, you will be able to bask in sunshine of a glowing relationship.

Matt Glover is a world leading relationship expert and helps couples every day to enjoy more fulfilling relationships. He’s a highly trained coach and neuro linguistic programming master practitioner as well as being highly researched in couple dynamics.

How Healthy is Your Relationship?


Your relationship dynamics is key to the health of your relationship. Within minutes, you can discover the health of your relationship with Matt’s Free Relationships Dynamics Quiz. This quiz is designed to give you an overall view of the health of your relationship, as well as your partner’s contribution to the relationship. It is intended as an indication only and not a definitive diagnosis. However, this quiz should give you some deeper understanding of the health of your relationship.

Questions should be answered in the context of your current circumstances (i.e. the past 6 to 24 months).  


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