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What others said about this training


“This course helped me to more than doubled my income! My entire family have now done this program and it’s simply life changing!” – HECTOR OJEA,Managing Director/GM for CIMC Vehicle Australia Pty Ltd



“This course is life changing! I now realise how my beliefs were creating immense blocks in my life. I am having a ball smashing through those blocks. WOW! My world is continually transforming!” – NINA SHAYAN, Owner at Brave Heart Coaching



“Life Coach & NLP Practitioner helped me to break through the six-figure ceiling and now I’m earning more than I ever imagined I could!” SAMANTHA PEARCE, Chief Culture Officer at MAI Group




“My mind was being blown away every hour of the Course – I couldn’t find a life partner, that was my challenge and within weeks of doing the inner work, a partner found me! Truly amazing!” – VITALE BELOKOSKOV, Engineer, Queensland Australia.



“I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the material. I have used it with clients and on myself with great success. I was able to dissolve a trauma which had plagued me for nine years. Since that happened, my life has improved considerably. I like this course a great deal. It is well worth the investment and will pay for itself many times over as the years go by”– NATHAN SEGAL, Social Anxiety Coach, Mexico.



“This Course has been totally life-changing for me. I enrolled because I found that my existing qualification as a holistic counsellor was missing vital pieces. This course has filled those gaps for me.”– CARLY RENEE, Life Coach and Counsellor, Victoria Australia.



“This course is amazing! You will be learning from one of the world’s best trainers. R!k is a beautiful soul, a spectacular teacher and a powerful force for good on this planet and I cannot recommend his courses and books highly enough”  CAROLYN CRAWFORD, Corporate Trainer, Victoria Australia.



“This is a detailed and complete course and anyone wanting to learn NLP and Life Coaching will get all you need to get started as a coach or advance your career as an existing coach. It’s superb! Life Beyond Limits will help you beyond measure, beyond limits” CINDY TURNER, Director, Coach Central, Victoria Australia.



“What a magical experience was the Life Beyond Limits Life Coaching Course.  It is far superior to any other training I have ever done.” – ANNE MACKIE KINDER, Real Estate Agent, Victoria Australia.




“This is a turnaround course. I had lost my career direction and focus and this course made me clearer and more focused than ever before. R!k is a world-class Life Coach and NLP Trainer, and a brilliant Mentor. I highly recommend him and this training.” — MICHAEL FURY, Sales Manager at Wilmar International.





“This was the real turnaround course for me. It improved my life and forged my career into a wonderful new direction. If you want to know what to do with your life, find your passion or purpose, R!k will encourage these out of you. Absolutely fantastic! Just do it!”– LUANNE MAREEN, Director of Goddess On Purpose, Victoria Australia.