Givers Gain: The Entrepreneur Mindset

the entrepreneur mindset swims in a completely different direction to most.

Entrepreneur mindsets swim in a different direction to most. Learn why givers really do gain…

Entrepreneur mindsets will grow a stalled business or launch a new one, but it takes a special way of thinking. 

If you’re in business just to make money, then you have the wrong mindset and will require you to shift from a ‘taker mindset’ to a ‘giver’ mindset.

These days, we expect instant-gratification. Our entrained brains expect quick responses and immediate rewards. New business owners come from an ’employee’ mindset where we give just over or under what is expected from us. While the entrepreneur must always give more than he receives. Each time I coach a client to launch their new business, I see my initial job is to help them to untrain their employee brain and develop a business owner mentality.

Employees typically have a mindset that matches their annual income. They do what is expected of them for the income they negotiated in the first instance, and seldom more. Some will work harder than expected, to ensure they keep their income and some expect to be considered for a higher paying role. Both of these examples still have a ‘taker’ mindset. All their actions are based upon their expected or desired return and no more. This mindset just won’t cut it in the entrepreneurial world and certainly not fitting with what is required for a start-up. Start-ups need rocket fuel and lots of it. They have to give it everything they’ve got to get that new client or a new sale – particularly these days in such a price sensitive and service hungry market.

The ‘entrepreneur mindset’ eclipses the ’employee mindset.’

The entrepreneur mindset will go that extra mile because they know as a start-up, they have to stand out, make an impact and get new business in the door or they don’t eat. They have a ‘giver’ mindset and give it everything they’ve got. Typically they will give more of everything. They add value; they work longer hours; they think about business on the weekend; and are always questioning themselves how to do things better, faster and cheaper. They think ‘add value’, where a taker thinks ‘take value.’

To start my first multi-million dollar business, I worked into the night when all the employees were at home having dinner with their families and watching the ‘Time Vampire’ (TV). My employees read newspapers at the weekends to relax. I read them to hunt for business opportunities. At social gatherings, my employees would talk about stuff, I spoke about business. Now an employee mindset will read all of this and may make judgements about my life; it was boring or that I was boring. In my view, far from it. I drive nice cars, live in beautiful houses and go on aspirational holidays around the world – but not at first. You see we started at the bottom (we were ranked in 352nd place; ranked by turnover), but by the time I sold the business, we were number 12. That is what comes from a ‘giver’ mindset.

The credo, ‘givers gain’ is certainly valid. Think of what you can give to any situation: your work; your relationships; your family; and notice that when you give the best of you, watch how that area of your life grows enormously in no-time-flat! So if you want more, give more. It’s that simple.

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