Depression Gone – Dissolve it at the Core

Depression affects over 100 million people worldwide. There are solutions, yet clearly, 100 million people have not found them – but solution exists.

1 out of 10 adolescents are likely to experience depression by the time they’re 18 years of age.Depression is more than feeling down. A depressed person is constantly feeling worthless, hopeless, anxious, angry, and sad- even to the level of being suicidal.

While the large majority seek either medical help or no help at all, toughing it out, I’ve been treating people with depression now for fourteen years – without medication. Most data available, shares statistics, signs of depression and who is most vulnerable to it. Rarely if ever, are we given solutions. I would like to change that in this article.

We have worked out the threads of depression and have been darning the socks of depression to fix those holes in people’s lives to help them feel whole again. We believe that the key to dissolving depression is to neurologically disasociate a person from their pain at the deepest, unconscious levels of thinking. Here is the formula we use with success.


Depression free – a proven formula.


Here is our Depression Dissolve Formula

Step #1: Using a technique similar to hypnosis, we use alpha language to help our client determine the event or events that lead to the feelings, but more-so, the cause of their depleted state of thinking. While these might be difficult to find consciously, they are more easily accessed through our regressive therapy process.

Step #2: In a safe environment, we assist our client to review those events and interrogate them: What really happened? What did they NOT learn in that situation? Now as they review it; What could they learn now? And we then explore the lessons to see the value that those events can deliver. This alone makes a huge difference to person’s emotional state.

Technology has made it simple these days as many of our clients work with us from the safety of their homes via video conferencing technology. This means our clients are from all over the world.

One thing is certain. We are meaning making machines. We need our lives to mean something. This is at the core of most people’s depression; they have made an event mean (usually) much more than it was. So we progress to step 3.

Step #3: Here we work with our client, using our experience to find a higher level purpose for the ‘learnings’ gained from those events. How can these lessons from those events benefit us today or in the future.

For example: As a child and for most of my life, I was bullied. This caused me to have depression right up until I was taught how to do this process (that I’m sharing with you). I quickly realised that each of those incidents, caused me to have to think quickly on my feet. The quicker I could evaluate the situation and cleverly, and strategically respond. The less likely I would be hit.

Now that skill serves me well in the public work I do. I quickly learned that these events that caused my depression actually turned out to give me a highly valued skill. What happened next was like magic! I realised those bullies did me a favour and now I can only feel sorry for them. More-so, I rarely fix my focus on those times and I have never felt that dark depression again.

ALL people who suffer from depression are focused largely on the past or fear the future. Step 3 helps our client to develop a compelling reason to move forward, to progress.

We do find that around 20 percent of our clients get stuck in step 3, so our solution is to go back to step 2 to ensure that there is no negative emotional charge remaining from the events. For example; one client could not move beyond step 2 because her mother was abusive and prostituted her out as a young teen (I recall having myself having to disassociate from that story myself. It was horrid).

Her adult mind was attempting to make sense of it. Until I explained that what she was doing, was trying to rationalise and understand ‘insanity.’ And so, she would have to be insane to truly understand it. It was then, that she was able to let go of step 2 and move to step 3. By the way, she now helps adults in trauma. Which I thought was a brilliant outcome for her (For reasons of confidentiality, unfortunately I cannot disclose her identity).

Step #4: Next, we teach our client to improve their emotional state management (because all thoughts derive from how we feel – change our state and we change the memories we can access and so changes our thinking). Here we use an Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique called ‘Anchoring’ and balanced breathing techniques together with mindfulness. This balances out the parasympathetic nervous system (behaviors such as ‘flight’ and ‘fawn’) and the sympathetic nervous system (behaviors such as ‘fight’).

Step #5: This is where the sessions take an exciting turn. We now work with our client (based upon their lessons) to design some goals that are worthy of achieving. We focus upon the goal (the ‘what’), the reason to achieve it (the ‘why’), the methods and strategies to make it real (the ‘how’) and finally, we help them to model courage, by using specific NLP modelling techniques.

We typically get our clients from step one to five in five hours (or five sessions) and their depression is gone. More-so, they now have some clear goals and reasons to be the best they can be. Our success rate is four out of five. Mind you, even those that don’t believe they’re completely depression free, always notice an improvement.

Depression does not have to be a way of life. No-one has to ‘just deal with it.’ Results can be achieved if you’re willing to do the work and willing to be the best you can be.


Depression – would you like some help?


Do you have depression or know someone who needs help? Speak to someone to get the help that you need. You call Life Beyond Limits on 03 8669 1121, email: to find out more or perhaps visit our contact page here.

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