About Troy Steve Foxx

Troy’s own personal transformation has earned him the respect of his peers and students.

Troy was a stand-out student who graduated from Trainer Training with honours. He has personally been trained by and works closely with Life Beyond Limits in presenting transformational concepts at the highest level.

Troy teaches NLP, Life Coaching and advanced mind/body technologies for peak performance and potential, rapid healing,  advanced social dynamics, influence techniques to help you to transform your life and career or business.

Troy is certified and accredited by the NLPAA and holds a Cert IV TAE  (training and assessment). Also certified  as a Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner  and  Master Ericksonian  Hypnotherapist.

In addition to his many credentials in the field of training and NLP, Troy also holds an Advanced Masters of numerology, Hand Analysis and EFT.

Troy is dedicated to pioneering  the use of NLP to develop training and educational opportunities designed to powerfully raise the skill level and professional status of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Troy is also researching  the use of NLP techniques in combination with numerology and other modalities as energy and vibration alignment  therapy.

Troy is passionate about NLP and is personally spearheading it’s wide growth and use of NLP based practice groups around the country. He believes that NLP is an essential life skill that every person should obtain. This has led him to pioneer new and innovative ways of teaching and training NLP that is captivating and inspiring his students to become more confident, competent, and effective, in every aspect of their lives.

An entertaining and captivating speaker and an accomplished trainer, Troy’s methods and high level skills, together with a deep understanding of NLP at both the conscious and unconscious levels automatically entices your unconscious mind to begin imprinting and incorporating these extraordinarily powerful and utterly compelling NLP skill-sets directly into your natural every day way of thinking,  speaking and behaving. While at the same time, giving you a conscious understanding of exactly how things work, and the strategies behind them so that you can build on a powerful and solid foundation of NLP to get what ever it is you really want in life in any situation or circumstance.

To find out when Troy’s next training is available – visit our training calendar 

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