Alex Smith NLP Trainer

Alex Smith, NLP Trainer with Life Beyond Limits is an internationally recognised and nationally accredited and certified trainer. He’s an entertaining and captivating teacher of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master NLP Practitioner and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Alex is in a league of his own with over 30 years of leadership and training experience.

R!k Schnabel personally graduated and granted Alex Smith’s NLP Trainer qualification and as such, Alex is trained to the highest level in his field. Alex’s fascination with human behaviour and leadership led him to careers in the military, Queensland Police, and Mental Health. He has also studied psychology at CQ University as well as graduating with flying colours from Life Beyond Limits’ Trainer Training.


Alex Smith, NLP Trainer is a Natural and Highly Captivating


Alex is a natural. Alex is the leaders’ choice. Called upon to conduct training from high school cadets, through the military, Police, and in Mental Health.

Before formally studying and practicing NLP and coaching, Alex supported clients diagnosed with chronic mental health issues. He taught them to take charge of their lives and set and achieve their goals. As a Captain in the Army Reserve, Alex focused on helping others develop and achieve at their fullest potential both as an individual and as part of a team.


Passionate People Produce!


After accepting a redundancy package from his mental health job, Alex struggled to find a role that provided similar fulfilment. That was until his wife suggested learning NLP together in 2016. Since that time Alex has immersed himself in the field of personal development and is a highly passionate trainer, helping his students get what they came for – results!

In order to continue to hone his craft and help others with their public speaking, Alex joined Toastmasters in 2017 and remains an active member.

Alex is a Fun and Compelling NLP Trainer


Alex blends a mix of curiosity, fun, knowledge and experience to bring about change and effective learning. Alex shares a genuine passion and delight when he shares his deep knowledge and helps others to achieve their dreams. He provides constructive feedback with honesty and compassion, always focussing on the lessons learnt.

As a coach Alex has helped his clients take control of their emotions, such as anger and depression, find their focus and grow their business, and removed various phobias and unhelpful limiting beliefs.

He now lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with his wife and daughter.

“I wish I had learnt NLP earlier as it brought all the diverse training and knowledge that I had learnt over the years together with simple but very effective techniques and framework.” – Alex Smith

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