Ask Better Questions To Lead You To A Better Life

ask better questions

Improving your life will come when you ask better questions. You see your unconscious mind just cannot resist answering your questions. Go ahead. Try it right now. Ask yourself, “Am I itchy?” and soon you will feel to scratch. Be patient, not now, but in a moment you will feel an itch somewhere on your body. But don’t scratch it right now, you’ve got this article to read.

If you’re feeling a little unsettled right now, you should be. Because you are likely considering scratching yourself. Your entire life has been made up and formed from the questions you ask yourself.

Ask, “Why am I so busy all the time?” and all you will get are all the reasons, but it won’t give you more time. Ask a better question, “How can I get one hour just for me each day?” and your wish may just be granted.

Want more time or more money? Ask a better question!

Making money and lots of it is easy when you know how and I can tell you right here and now that anyone who has mastered money will concur that asking better questions will lead you there. Ask better questions and your financial world will never be the same! Avoid them and you will feel the ups and downs in the pit of your stomach of a financial rollercoaster.

Last Friday morning, I looked out my kitchen window on a glorious sunny day and immediately noticed the ideal conditions for the perfect wave. I sprinted downstairs to grab my surfboard and head off to my favourite break, hoping to beat a crowded line-up.

However, when I got to the beach no-one was enjoying those perfect waves. It was just me. Finally, it dawned on me. It wasn’t the weekend, it was Friday — a workday. Everyone was working while I enjoyed a perfect day, with perfect waves – but life wasn’t always perfect.

It was only a few years ago that I was working feverishly at my clinic, six days a week as a Life Coach. I literally spent most of my day changing people’s minds, untraining their brains of anxiety, helping them to remove anxiety and depression, showing them how to make more money. My clinic was choc-a-block, brimming with clients when I hit an amazing sweet spot with my business.

I mostly specialised in wealth coaching and depression and worked from 7am to 7pm most days. Some nights I would work until midnight while my friends lit barbeques and shared an ale, while others kicked back on the sofa watching TV after a hard day at the office.

I won’t say I wasn’t envious at times though I was working for something bigger — I looked further than most. The wealth mentors I assigned to myself gave me insights that were worth far more than the money I paid them. They are the very reason I’m sharing this with you right now. They are also the very reason that I can go surfing while the large majority must go to work.

So, before I share their wisdom with you, let me prepare you like my wealth mentors prepared me. You see, it’s all in the preparation. Prior to working with my mentors, they each said the same thing — they must have all gone to the same mentor school or more-so, they valued both their time and their advice.

Paul, my short but confident mega-millionaire mentor would start each session by asking me questions that at first frustrated me. He says it’s the reason I no longer have hair. I would ask Paul a question and nine out of ten he would say, “Ask a better question.” Can you see why it was frustrating at first? But he was right. Most people can’t create anything much because they have no idea of what question to ask in the first instance. I get it now.

Back in 2012, I was crazy busy, coaching, speaking, training, writing and rarely getting any time for myself. I asked one question that at first I couldn’t answer, but eventually did. That question?

How can I make even more money and only work 4 days a week?

Today, I live on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. I surf. I play music and I work four days a week. Am I making more money? A little more, but I’m much happier.

A business owner asks, “How can I grow my business?” Today I would say, “Ask a better question.” I’ve earned my stripes now; I can ask those infuriating questions. “How can I grow my business?” tells me nothing and so how can I accurately provide advice. A better question might be, “Who can help me to get more people to call me about my services?” or “Who is the best person at getting traffic to my website?”

Over the years I’ve found that rich people stick at things for long enough, that their knowledge about their industry, their intimacy with their product or service goes deep – so does their knowledge. This only comes from asking a better, more specific and less generalised question.

Otherwise, akin to asking, “How are you?” and getting the standard one syllable answer, “Good.” Asking a better question causes our minds to dig deeper, to really think.

So it’s time to think.

What is the one question that you haven’t asked yourself, that should you ask it… will have you double, treble, perhaps even ten-tuple your income?

What’s that question?

Answering better questions creates the opportunity to solve your bigger problems and therefore build a bigger life. What challenge are you facing right now? What question could you answer that would remove the problem altogether?

R!k Schnabel is Australia’s #1 Brain Untrainer